April 1107

A force of Harts and allies ventured to Selby in an effort to deal with the growing problems in the nearby Bloodwood. A daemonic queen and her Haralgar daemons had themselves up within the wood and allied themselves with Vengeance, a member of the Court of Lies. The Harts learnt from the representatives from the Court of Truth that Vengeance intended to marry the Queen of the Haralgar, which would grant him unlimited control over her forces. Vengeance’s plan was thwarted by a rite performed done to banish the Haralgar daemons from Albion.

Visions from The Trinity also warned of a second corruption tainting the Bloodwood. This was traced to a necromantic heart beating within one of the trees at the centre of the wood and the dark heart was subsequenly cut out and the surrounding forest cleansed.