August 1111

The Harts attend the Moot in Caer Dannon and lend aid in taking refugees from what remains of the Dragons lands. The ritual circle is used by The Cult of the Balrog to summon the balrog at the behest of Morgana with a view to poisoning the rivers and lakes of Albion, there is uncertainty over whether the plan saw fruition. The faction creates several new theologists in the circle, and at the Gathering a new avatar of Nethras, standing for Vengeance is created. Attempts at forming closer bonds with the Bears are undermined when Morgana sets armies against one another in the guise of Harts and Bears at Caledonian borders, which is settled in an honour battle on the Gathering battlefield. Morgana also lays claim to the Throne, having stolen the physical artifact itself. Some more of the Swords of Excalibur are recovered. A prisoner is taken, suspected of a string of murders in the Newcastle vicinity. A number of Harts travel to Chapel Perilous and pledge to work to create a new Circle there, meanwhile the existing ritual and transport circles see fluxes in power and some are temporarily powered down by the Watchers for safety. The Black Flame continue to make their presence known and further people fall prey to the picture frame curse. Nottingham’s fate remains on a knife edge as forces struggle to hold off hoards of unliving.