Early May 1119

The Harts host a moot in the region of Kithlannen, a strange city that emerged from stasis, placed there to protect an ancient weapon. With Aethelwalds’ forces holding the city and the Albion liberation front taken under his wing, the Harts work to defeat him, aided by allies from across Erdreja. A vision of this and another enemy aids the Harts in seeing victory on the battlefield. Upon its recapture Lord High Seneschal Raphael declares that the area is henceforth to be know as Lancaster.

While the Turnkey Court attempt to hold sway over the Harts, their messengers are destroyed on sight.

The Watchers confirm that the Albion transport network is back up and running, with several changes made since the problems of 1118.

Early Spring 1119

The Harts regain control of Londinium, previously taken by the lich AEthelwold. Clean up commences thereafter as the enemy have left a number of unliving to be dealt with.

The Turnkey Court continue to harass the Harts as they did throughout 1118, offering a magical box to send messages through. The rogue justice that they deal is seen by some subjects as preferable to the King’s justice, and a party from Oxford visit to declare independence from the rule of law and claiming they will answer to the Turnkey Court instead.


A mysterious group calling itself The Turnkey Court bring news of treasonous murders conducted by Isaac Hulce. Investigation shows truth in the accusations and a confession is given to all present at the Montol celebrations. Isaac Hulce is executed for his crimes, as he claims he did was was needed by the realm.

Chester sees further attacks from those afflicted with the curse of cannibalism, but they are held off.

Across the Heartlands and Southlands the word of a great war of Chaos comes and all are encouraged to stand behind a champion of chaos. Mordred seeks to turn Harts to his cause, while the Hunter demands that any that call themselves his declare for the Great Horned Rat.

At the first moot the Harts are set a quest to discover an item of great power, and return with the Crown of Arthur which is instrumental in identifying Wyndrake Winterheart as Arthur’s heir. Following his coronation King Wyndrake takes Breanna Felbourne as his queen and dissolves his council to start afresh.

A new quest begins at the second Moot as studies into the tea preferences of knights of old reveals much information on heraldry, drinks preferences, and the details of Arthur’s round table and how it was separated into parts to be kept safe. The Harts pledge to find and reunite these pieces.

Over summer the Harts, along with the Dragons, the Unicorns, and the Incantors, gather at the Heart of Britannia where they disrupt a meeting of their many enemies who were attempting to forge a cooperation.

Unicorns and Harts see bloodshed as a war is declared due to the machinations of enemy forces. The terms agree mark prominent members of each faction as targets and Artemis Nightkin is slain in response, a move that causes waves as the deed is performed in the neutral guild areas. As the war is brought to a close the Harts lend their might to the forces standing against Bedlam in efforts to return the corrupt Ancestor to its homeland.

The Chaos War is resolved on a magical battlefield with Harts standing behind all four opponents. Golgomoth is triumphant and warnings are sent regarding the effect like on the egg in the aftermath. The fae are to be directly affected, and there is warning that Milford Cathedral will be destroyed as a greath flood of faith flows through it. This prediction is realised while the Harts are dealing with relieving an elf lord of a gem instrumental in building a fae weapon. The Cathedral and circle are destroyed, taking out the majority of Albion’s transport network. The Watchers begin to bring circles back up over the winter.

Those of faith express concerns over the wellbeing of an old Ancestor, The Fisher King.

Early August 1117

With the Cathayan threat looming Albion’s nobles look to protect the people, although not without criticism from the people. Inroads are made into restoring the ability to make high level scrolls and bottled tools, but the Cathayan threat looms large. Word spreads that the Nihonese are at war with the Cathayans and those of the heartlands and southlands look forward to meeting in Nihon at the wellspring of Reality to be a part of the next strike back.

May 1117

Cathayans, disgruntled by the landing of the Wellspring of Evil in their lands, and blaming the signatories to the Gathering Treaty, begin to retaliate as the nations visit Bears lands. Much of the sedition in Albion appears to have been influenced thus, and as word spreads that the Emporer of Cathay is looking to find several items of a powerful regalia left in the path of the Wellspring, the Harts and others take to the battlefield. Lives are lost when a dragon is found to be one of the more powerful weapons the Cathayans hold. Supply lines are lost and a sudden shortage of materials for powerful weapons such as finely crafted arms and scrolls of the higher magics hits all factions hard.

Early 1117

Using Winchester as their base, a band of Harts and allies set to repairing damage and removing enemies across Albion. Among other successes, Milford Cathedral is re-opened as a safe and accessible place of faith and worship. It does, however, become clear that Xatabai’s minions have attempted to place themselves within Albion.

Late 1116

A small band of Harts visit the newly raised isle in the Orlaine region and find it to be the domain of Mananon and home to the mysterious gronklings. Problems are set right with no loss of life.

Late August 1116

At the Gathering of Nations the Harts come together to find that the taint within the Pendragon is to have serious consequences throughout Albion and across Erdreja. When the Kingmaker appears again and names C’Laweye queen, annointing her with a poisoned and lethal crown, the Harts resolve to win the Gathering battle in order to earn a gift said to be capable of cleansing ancestors. The failure to secure this is a crushing blow, followed closely by a need to stand in defense of the Dragons as ructions erupt between factions regarding attempts to slay during the honour battle.

Torvell and Mac’s wedding and various parties bring many visitors to the Harts camp but the high mood is knocked when Foxxglove announces her need to leave court to be with her people, a role assigned to her at birth but forgotten and with a rite performed before all available to watch, she moved into her role as sage, leaving behind an innocent, a child adopted by Cara Corvidae. News later reaches the Harts that Fenrir was slain in defense of the guilds, and Depravo failed to return from the final battle in which the nations stood against the corrupted versions of their ancestors.

A mission to destroy the body of the hydra is successful, as is the Harts gated defense against its heads. Sir Ross Pendragon decrees that the Harts will move a warband out to Therazine, the recently risen island near Sarnia, where more of the mythological creatures are believed to be.

Early August 1116

All signatories of the Gathering Treaty are summoned to meet at Chapel Perilous where the Harts host the Moot. While some high profile leaders in other nations are lost in varying circumstances and Ryvik, the ancient elf makes a claim to rule the heartlands, the Harts are primarily occupied with the fate of Queen Eloise. When the Trinity send a representative to lead a ritual a small team come together to attempt to remove the curse of Calligar from the queen. This is ultimately unsuccessful and she faces the choice of dying and becoming a part of Calligar or being killed an ascending as a part of the Hunter. Lazarus Hunter deals the blow that sends her onwards and Harts begin to incant in the name of the Lady of the Greenwood. On the battlefield Calligar’s true avatar is dropped and sent onwards as prey for the Lady, forever to run on the ancestral plane.

July 1116

The Harts meet with the Dragons near Winchester to celebrate midsummer and to re-dedicate Winchester as Albion’s royal city. Hints are given on the nature of the quest to find the missing heir to the Pendragon throne while Calligar and his minions blight proceedings. Amidst the ranks a new face turns out to be a spy working for Morgana’s court but despite his best efforts he is unable to prevent the cementing of Winchester in its rightful role.

Early May 1116

The Harts attend the moot in Unicorn lands and lend aid to the fight against a formidable enemy known as The Overseer. Whilst ultimately successful, tribulations beset those present throughout the weekend as the wellspring of Evil becomes personified and requires effort to placate and position. Meanwhile at home in Carlisle reports of unrest lead to the discovery of a strange new infection that renders its victims bloodthirsty and insatiable. Members of the assembled party move onwards to Pointon Keep and recover a scabbard of great interest, whilst the fae at court mobilise against a threat known as The Broken Sword. Tristis repays a debt owed and after farewells he leaves to accompany The Boatman to the planes of unlife – a one way trip he is prepared for, unlike several more unfortunate members of the party who fall in various efforts, to be added to the Book of the Dead. Whilst the losses are large, the Harts are instrumental in repairing the pattern scars left upon others who stood in the final onslaught.

April 1116

The Harts strike out against Calligar, who has held the Queen captive and bound her to the Exeter circle. Whilst the mission is ultimately successful Calligar wheedles his way into the minds of some of the party with irreversible consequences and Antonio Da Fuerra of The Crows of Albion is killed.

January 1116

During festivities enjoyed on the Isle of Sarnia a council meets with the Queen to discuss the future of the Pendragon Throne. Unsettled spirits of Manannon’s lost disrupt the cheer a little and are dealt with but, as plans and partying draw to a close, a mystery assailant strikes the Queen and within minutes she disappears from directly under the watchful eyes of bodyguards and healers.

October 1115

The nightmare that held Albion in its grip is defeated. In return for her desire to be known forever, the Queen declares that the perpetrator’s name be struck from history and never spoken in future. Library records are amended as necessitated by this decree.

The final battle is brutal and sees the deaths of Mistress Culpepper and Wilful Murder. A member of the Lions lending aid also fell in battle.

May 1118

The long search for the true heir of Albion, begun during the reign of Queen Eloise concludes as Wyndrake Winterheart leaves behind his family name and is crowned King of Albion.

Late May 1116

The Harts attends the Grand Erdrejan Fayre and return with their number depleted by one when Imbrium dies defending allies. Back home, however, there is massive devastation as Carlisle and the associated region fall in the wake of the Wellspring of Evil which continues at pace to devastate all in its path. Harts are instrumental in avoiding war with Telluria and Cathay based on the presumption that the movement was a deliberate act by those of the Heartlands.

Those in camp are beset by all manner of assailants including beguiled Harts believing themselves to be other than they are and hounds of Calligar sent against all factions. One of the daughters of Calligar is destroyed within the walls of another faction, and a preacher of Calligar is destroyed at the hands of the Queen. The fae enemy known as “The Broken Sword” wreaks havoc in camp in the guise of Lord Callum causing confusion. In the background, Harts put in a strong show at numerous Tesseract games and help to recreate the Tesseract based on ancient stories found in their libraries. Within camp, Duncan Corvinae becomes a puppet, running games which lead to the winners being marked by Mordred. Nethras withdraws from Queen Eloise and offers prophecy regarding a grand ritual to be held at a moot in Chapel Perilous, warning the Harts that they must be ready.

Returning home, the Harts face the wake of the Wellspring and being to make preparations for re-dedicating Winchester as the seat of the Crown.

Late August 1115

Excalibur is recovered and the rift at Marchwood is sealed against demonic attack by a narrow margin in a rite led by Larton. The removal of Dracos as an Ancestor proves contraversial and the Harts stand alongside those proclaiming that this shall not be repeated, even to remove Satuun. After victory in the Gathering battle this is accepted by all signatories to the Gathering charter. While Satuun makes his presence known the armies and those in opposition at the Gathering drive him to despair and when he attempts to attack using ritual magic the Watchers contain the threat and the true avatar is destroyed. Saylen sees success in the circle after winning the ritual raffle but backs out of her planned attempts to aid with the walls of Al Quafar some minutes into the performance when it becomes clear that her information has set her on an unwise path, seeing little harm to herself or the team. Rumour has it, even at the walls of the city of the dead, the Company of the Blackened staff host a rather lovely masquerade.

Early August 1115

The second moot is held in Wolf lands, and ancestral matters crescendo. While Fenris is cured of a corruption, Dracos is forcibly ejected from the plane of unlife and attempts led by the Incantors guild to adjust the makeup of an ancestral pattern fail. The ancestors as a whole turn away from mortals in reaction to the destruction of Dracos and concerns are voiced regarding the march on Al Quafar. Artemis, however, creates a number of banners in the ritual circle to go with the armies spearheading the march and guide some of the fallen to their ancestors. The Harts continue to struggle against the nightmares, finding the situation among the Court of Dreams is dire and some progress is made in creating the device required to seal the Marchwood rift. Celebration is not entirely absent, however, and Graf leads a team in the ritual circle to earn a perfect score from the Watchers and much admiration from the audience, in the process empowering a faction item and one for the Dragons who lent aid.

June 1115

The Harts and Dragons gather together under the spirit of Britannia to celebrate midsummer. A great pyre is burnt with much celebration, dancing and sportsmanship. The wild fae guide the Albiones in crowning a new Holly and Oak king and high spirits are marred only by a game of Cake or Death that goes awry.

Late May 1115

The Harts attend the Great Erdrejan Fayre in force, with Caine taking on partial guardianship of the tesseract during the games. Dolorous makes further attempts to strike out at the fae whilst on Haven but it ultimately put down and some of the damage is undone as the fae reperform the ritual that originally created Haven. The Silver King, however, is released. Meanwhile throughout Albion, nightmares continue to plague many, including the Court of Dreams who cannot sleep and although Weathereye attempts to drive them back through means of rite magic, his attempts are unsuccesful.

Early May 1115

During a busy moot with the Lions at Aquamarine, The Tree of incantation urges shows of devotion at the holy groves and a contingent of Harts oblige. A number of ritual circles throughout the heartlands are affected by the war on the plane of unlife with Albion hit hardest. Ancestors send avatars to further urge that choices be made and sides chosen in the ongoing fight. Harts align themselves with the Guardian of the Dead, Pendragon and Osiris rather than choose Dracos or Satuun although the involvement of White and Dark Reaver is unclear. An ancestral of Nethras is created in the ritual circle and a new ritualist, Gregsy, shows his prowess. Harts send groups to aid an ancient knight in a duel at the river Humber and to retrieve a seal to help solve the demonic issues around Marchwood. With an audience with Oberon in the offing for two fae, Lord Callum is placated with an offer to take one of the places on behalf of the Harts. Nightmare creatures attack camp on Sunday night, resulting in a number of flayings and a dire need for surgery. Bradigan and Deagon of House Hunter, Moto of the Black Hand and Thirty of The Mackintash are lost and mourned in varying circumstances.

April 1115

Wildfire joins the Unicorns on campaign and files a report on Albiones in the region

March 1115

The Harts and friends gather at Forest Glen and then push into Winchester, rescuing the once royal city from the clutches of Dolorous Stroke. Mordred lends a hand in proceedings and although ultimately successful, the Harts lose the rat, Disruption, and commander of The Crows of Albion, Ma Crow.

November 1114

The Harts gather at Silverlake to deal with the fae gathered for Bell’s Fayre and quest for the grail which helps them to use the freshly created ritual circle to cleanse the corruption within Nethras. Polly sacrifices herself in order to strike a strong blow against Dolorous and drop the seals around Winchester, while Ninn is invited to join Gawain’s pack on the ancestral plain in order to weaken Calligar’s grip. A number of reports are submitted regarding the happenings.Meanwhile in the Carlisle region, it seems Nasile may be abroad once again.

October 1114

A number of Harts attend the Unicorns Winter Parliament and deal with issues affecting local refugees formerly of Albion. Wildfire submits a full report.

Late August 1114

Late August turns out to be exceptionally busy although success and celebrations of the Harts’ 20th anniversary are overshadowed by the deaths of five of the Crows of Albion, poisoned in the ritual circle by an as yet unknown assassin. York is liberated, due in no small part to the pluck of Albion’s youth who steal essential documents after fighting through the sewers, and Pendrinn is likewise saved from an onslaught by an unliving fleet. The false Phobos, Lennox and a minion of Silas are all apprehended over the course of the weekend and served justice or incarcerated awaiting such.

Some of the iconic items of Albion draw interest: The Cup of the Hunter is returned after a previous theft in battle, Excalibur disappears, returns in flux, dealing damage to those who approach, and eventually appears again, reforged afresh. The seven Swords of Wayland are the focus of a rite that re-empowers the barrier at Selby during which they leaves their bearers and appear lodged in stones along the barrier at Selby. Each stone bears the names of those who wielded the swords and the barrier is stabilised despite the weakening point where the stone of Nethras stands.

Nethras makes it known that she wishes to embrace those who follow her and to bring them into the fold with herself as the mother, and Satuun as the father, the Crows are targetted particularly hard and turn to more entertaining pursuits – in a jugga match between the Harts and the Unicorns, the Wolves are victorious.

Mordred, recently recognised as being held in the Prison of the Architect, escapes despite the Harts efforts. Believed to be standing with Dolorous, he demands an order of knights sworn to his name, sees two Harts willing to comply and curses some who stand against him. Despite the curses being nullified the threat remains. An unusual figure claiming the name Lord Selby invites selct Harts to speak with him and learn information useful to this fight, explaining that he stands against Calligar and Dolorous and that the murders in Selby were performed with due cause.

Four fae courts invite the fae of Albion to recover a chalice that may help in the fight against evil, whilst evil gets up close and personal at the end of the Gathering and stalwart Harts stand side by side with Samael against the forces of Dracos. When Samael goes forth into Al Qafar itself his herald sends dire warning that there will be consequences.

Those of faith are asked to visit the grove and have a watch maintained as few have visited and it had begun to wither. Several of the Harts warband pledge to return there as camp is broken at the end of the Gathering, and plans are made for the Harts to meet at Silverlake for the formation of a new ritual circle in the coming months.

Early August 1114

The Harts attending the second moot continue to work towards healing Nethras whilst, back home in Carlisle nightmares are visited upon the refugees, leaving them in a trembling stupor. Visitors from the Court of Stories bring warning that the Nethras pillar at Selby is failing, while Lady Alexandra of the Court of Dreams also brings a message of concern regarding the nightmares. With a new ritualist amongst them, the factions ritual teams see success in the circle despite having to perform one in the midst of a defense against assassination attempts by Calligar’s minions.

May 1114

The Harts attending the first Moot of the year discover that all is not well with the Trinity as Nethras appears in unliving form. Her followers’ concern is echoed when Gawain visits with those present at the GEF after standing captive in the Tesseract’s games, confirming that her voice is no longer heard by the Hunter or the Pendragon. A number of Harts are awakened the Harts being particularly instrumental in opening up awakenings to beastkin throughout the nations. A new structure for the court of Albion is announced and the Bards work to improve the flow of information gathering and knowledge sharing. Prophecies and happenings within Albion suggest that a manticore poses a great threat to those still in Albion and more horrors may follow in its wake. The Crows of Albion lose three of their number at the Moo t but despite the University of Pattern Perfection’s attacks on the Watchers and all present at the games, the Harts lose only one of their number there.

April 1114

Harts and a selection of allies make a strike at Ditchit to create a holding point for the armies working to retake York. The village is discovered to be hiding dark secrets and making regular sacrifices to a powerful chimera. Those responsible are brought to justice and the creature is destroyed. Warwick and York are scouted but at the cost of the Harts losing Alwyn of the Hunters. A further rock attracting demonic interest is liberated and the Harts learn of a being known as The Mistress with the power to remove sorrow and pain from a mind and make it manifest. Bodily remains are found in the woods, appearing to be those of the loyal postman who appears to have swallowed his last cargo upon recognising danger ahead.
Further reports on the mission at Ditchit.

December 1113

Details of the few safe havens within Albion are made available to the Heartland Nations, and Harts and guests are invited to gather at Pendrinn by the Mackintash Trading collective, who lose one of their number during festivities. Those in attendance find phrases of poetry embedded in their heads, which appear when compiled to tell a foreboding message regarding Marchwood. Dolorous continues to make his presence known from afar but despite setbacks the party appears to be a success. Thomas Smith distributes notes on the details of the Albion transport network.

Late August 1113

The Harts attend the Gathering in Unicorn lands where a new chapter in the history of Albion begins. The Trinity manifests and with the Pendragon line weakened and unready to rule, a new royal bloodline is established as Eloise Hunter is crowned the new Queen of Albion with Hunter in ascendence within the Trinity. Dolorous Stroke, the chaos elemental, refuses to step away and cease “helping” the Harts, instead challenging them for the royal city of Winchester when pushed. With the region inpenetrable by those who oppose him, the Queen declares it no longer the seat of the throne and establishes a new royal city in Forest Glenn, recently recaptured by a daring group of Harts who saw fit to face up against Calligar, creating a new haven for Albiones. Brother Ross is made an Ancestral of the Pendragon.

Early August 1113

The work to hold Selby lasts long enough to allow the moot to be hosted as expected but Albion remains largely uninhabitable. Rituals are used to gain more knowledge of Calligar’s weaknesses and to create a weapon to work against him. The Crows of Albion use their freshly created mask to inflict slumber upon Calligar’s minions as the united nations of the Hartlands re-secure the barrier as it begins to fail, but not until after Martyn Tarragon is dragged out of camp and slain by Calligar’s assasins despite the best efforts of the Harts. Laurence Charenten takes control as Lord Protector pending a more official appointment to leadership.

Late May 1113

After frantic work evacuating Albion, the Harts gather at the Great Erdrejan Fayre to assess the state of the country and plan the way forward. Narrowly avoiding a lethal poisoning while mustering outside the bar, they set about establishing the state of Albion. The storm and wilds have taken their toll but direct messages from the Trinity urge resettlement as soon as possible. The hellmouth beneath Marchwood Keep is rediscovered and after much effort the Bloodwood’s encroachment is contained by transfering the pillars from Milford to Selby by use of much ritual magic and combat. Some appeals to Law are interrupted by Dracos who attempts to gain further power but an avatar of a new ancestral force of Law makes an intriguing offer regarding Selby’s ritual circle. Fleider, the first skathen, reveals plans to create new Grey Seers to oppose Calligar. Orthorion of The Crows and Bartholemew of Londinium are killed in an unexpectedly lethal game. Eloise Hunter receives a great blessing as her fate and Albion’s are tied when Sir Gawain summons her.

Early May 1113

Despite the best efforts of the Harts, Albion falls. Acquiesence demands the death of a duke or swears to kill every firstborn child of Albion. A magical storm approaches from the East and moves twenty miles inland. The storms and flooding are relentless and much of the land is rendered uninhabitable. On the other side of the country the woods grow wild encroaching upon civilisation. With the help of other nations and guilds, the Incantors send an ancestral army through the land to aid. The King is kidnapped and subsequently killed. The Harts take refuge, many among the Dragon’s faction, and make preparations to save the other children of Albion. Much of the blame is laid at the feet of Calligar and a new upsurge of worship for the feral Ancestor.

As the first Moot closes work is underway and information continues to come in, reports and stories and the people know this: The country gets continually wild, the forest continues to grow and the storm rages on. During the night, whenever they lay down to sleep, the populous gets a dream of doom and destruction but with a light. They see their safest route out. Not everyone takes this omen, some will still stay and die but for them maybe this was their safest way out. By the end of the week most have departed. The King is dead. The people have gone. The land stands alone. One beacon of light remains: the cathedral at Milford is sealed from the wild and will endure. Once a place of evil and war, now a bastion of peace. The doors are shut not to open until Albion again is a safe place to live. The Gargoyles stand without, guarding the light.

March 1113

Lucien Steiner leads an assault on the olog lich’s ally at the Seven Sisters stones. The Harts and allies take him down, along with the lich himself, after destroying the constructs that formed his phylactery. In an (eventually successful) attempt to free the souls of locals trapped in puppets, four of the party fall. The Dwarves of Borthawr from the Dragons are honoured for their part in proceedings. Theo D’Arby steps down as regent after a pointed message from the Pendragon leaves him with only one eye, and Benedict Uther Karlennon steps up to take the position, an action clearly sanctioned by the Ancestors when he is able to draw Excalibur from its stone.

December 1112

The Harts gather at The Soldier’s Rest to share tales of heroes. Among the honoured guests are Cadarn Pendragon, Ranulf Farenden and Sir Gawain. The Hunters, among others, spend time with Sir Gawain discussing the next strikes at the enemies of Albion and those who seek the sword of Albion are told it is hidden in plain sight.

December 1112

Harts gather to celebrate the Cornish traditions of Montol with Lucien Steiner. His house is subject to mysterious hauntings and several individuals experience visions surrounding the Hunter and, separately, the state of affairs around the Seven Sisters standing stones. Lucien begins preparations for an assault on the Olog Lich in the spring. Kerian Hunter dies, apparantly of natural causes, and Cap’n disappears, never returning to the Crows’ base.

November 1112

A select number of Harts join the Incantors Guild in an effort to take back a guildhouse on Ustica. While the mission is largely successful, Shio Ichihara falls in the final battle.

October 1112

Led by Eclipse, a number of Harts assault Milford and take down Morgana under guidance from Igraine as a representative of Nethras. Some fall during battle, but Marcellus is executed under complicated circumstances surrounding the lack of the sword of Ellidor. The struggle concludes when Morgana is slain and her phylactory destroyed, but Excalibur is left entrapped in its stone and enemies of the Harts abduct an ancetral creature of Waylund. Details of Peredur’s state at the conclusion of the battle are uncertain.

Late August 1112

The Harts celebrate their recent victories as Arturius, Dame Mellyor and Gawain visit, each representing one of the Trinity on this plane, and congratulate the Harts on progress made regarding Milford. The Order of the Pendragon is reformed with the recovery of the final pillar and further gargoyles are recovered after an attack by one of Morgana’s barrowights. Inroads to alliances are made with the Gryphons and Dragons. The villagers afflicted by the Skipsea prophecy and disease find their minds freed as the elemental creature, Kiddel, leading them towards Londinium is lured to the Gathering and slain in the marketplace. Anastasia Morgan of the Mackintash is promoted within the Alchemists guild while the Crows of Albion make a deal with a chaos elemental, Dolorous Stroke, which causes some upset and may have further implications. Forces of Fate and Fortune and representatives of Marr the Faceless make visits over the weekend with no obvious immediate impact. Graf’s void taint, gained while sealing the Milford rift, is removed with aid from other factions and she is knighted for service to Albion. An ancient vampire escapes from the bank’s vaults and causes havoc around the ritual circle, leading to numerous rumours falsely accusing the Harts of playing a part in the subsequent flow of unliving from the void gate. Grudges with the Bears are improved as a result of the honour battle, and the Harts manage at the eleventh hour to reunite all 7 swords of Waylund and have the armourers work on improving them.

Early August 1112

At the Caledonian moot the Harts aid the Bears in defeating an impostor Morrigan, but only after causing upset by accidentally realigning their circle of knowledge and reality to necromancy in a ritual. The ritual is also successful in its actual aim of finally sealing the Milford rift to the plane of unlife. Rumours of a wandering errant gargoyle come from around Beverley, while the restored gargoyles at the cathedral save the lives of Harts who transport there against direct orders from the regent. Some Harts are stripped of rank in light of the defiance. While lending aid to the Wolf faction three of the 42nd fall, along with Thessias Darkblade and t’Undra. Others die as a result of the Milford ritual. The pillar aligned to Nethras is empowered in a rite after direct command from Nethras possessing Altarial. Archaologists recover the bones of Guinevere which are laid to rest, prompting a violent visit from a death knight who appears to be the Queen’s Champion. When fought down he leaves behind Beleth, the sword of Might which is recovered by Heinrich of the Reapers. Tarantula envoys continue to seek to change Albion law to honour the rights of unliving and relations between the two factions dissolve when Tarantulan law is updated to deny protection or rights to the Harts. The people of Skipsea, held by the disease cease staring out to sea and move south. Plans are set to intercept them in the region of Londinium. Elsewhere in Erdreja the Healers and Incantors guilds both suffer uncertainty over the whereabouts of some of their most prominent members while the Armourers offer further support in furthering the improvement of Waylund’s swords. Against this fraught backdrop the Lord Regent, Theo D’Arby, marries Lorelei Steiner.

June 1112

The Harts host what many factions proclaim to be the best Great Erdrejan Fayre in years, marred only by the weather that saw jugger matches postponed to later in the year. Morgana is banished during the opening ceremony when she attempts to claim Excalibur. The sword guardians are chided for failing to empower the recovered swords and with the help of the Armourers Guild, take the first steps along that path. With help from the Brotherhood of the Sealed Knot, the children of the Silver Army take down the Green Queen while the Harts assemble allies from all guilds and factions to end Addenay and seal Malarn once more, thus bringing an end to the power of the Black Flame cult. Elves from the Greenwood give direction regarding the wherabouts of the final pillar. Richard Hroc is executed for crimes against the Mages Guild.

May 1112

Harts travel to the Moot in Baghdad but largely step away from the Jackal’s fight against Sobek, growing bored of the quicksand and cold evenings and heading home to make preparations for the Great Erdrejan Fayre. Before departing another sword of Waylund is recovered, and Morgana is found to have been raised as unliving by enemies at Milford. Two of three pillars needed to help with the Milford issue are recovered, the Lord Regent is threatened by the Olog liche making a magebolt filled visit, and the Trinity demand more action and fewer rites. The Brotherhood of the Peaceful Hand are offered a home within Londinium and concern surrounds the Newcastle area where villagers are gathering in a trance like state around the cliffs. Two Harts become paladins of their faith.

March 1112

With the help of House Battan, a small force of Harts and allies take back Blackwood Keep from the Black Flame, striking a strong blow against their leadership, and removing the picture frame curse from those afflicted. Some Viper allies and Conrad of the Rutterkins Forresters are lost in the battles.

October 1111

The Watchers reopen circles closed during the Gathering and confirm that allare working but that a significant number have a necromantic taint and further closures may be necessary. Every port city in Albion is filled with people of all rank from towns that lie near rivers. Water is being sold straight off the ships at prices as high as a gold a barrel. Every city is a explosion waiting to happen, people are taking to the streets in protest. The Kings Guard, in Winchester, arrests many demonstrators for rioting.

After a difficult fight, the Harts overcome the majority of Morgana’s forces, killing a number of her Lords. Some level of peace is restored after the major water sources are cleansed of the poison infecting them. Morgana, however, escapes and her whereabouts are unknown. Roe, Sephraim and Vern are lost during the battles. The Black Flame’s servant, Whispers, is destroyed and the Harts regain a further of Waylund’s swords.

August 1111

The Harts attend the Moot in Caer Dannon and lend aid in taking refugees from what remains of the Dragons lands. The ritual circle is used by The Cult of the Balrog to summon the balrog at the behest of Morgana with a view to poisoning the rivers and lakes of Albion, there is uncertainty over whether the plan saw fruition. The faction creates several new theologists in the circle, and at the Gathering a new avatar of Nethras, standing for Vengeance is created. Attempts at forming closer bonds with the Bears are undermined when Morgana sets armies against one another in the guise of Harts and Bears at Caledonian borders, which is settled in an honour battle on the Gathering battlefield. Morgana also lays claim to the Throne, having stolen the physical artifact itself. Some more of the Swords of Excalibur are recovered. A prisoner is taken, suspected of a string of murders in the Newcastle vicinity. A number of Harts travel to Chapel Perilous and pledge to work to create a new Circle there, meanwhile the existing ritual and transport circles see fluxes in power and some are temporarily powered down by the Watchers for safety. The Black Flame continue to make their presence known and further people fall prey to the picture frame curse. Nottingham’s fate remains on a knife edge as forces struggle to hold off hoards of unliving.

July 1111

A significant contingent of Harts attend the Convocation of Guilds on Ustica and aid in the recovery of various guild houses, while severely denting the numbers of hostile troops on the isle.

May 1111

The Harts show a strong presence at the Moot held in Lyon, Lyonesse. Peace is reached with the Viper nation after assisting in a strike against one of the Viper enemies. War is threatened with the Tarantulas but extended talks and an agreement to perform rites dedicating power to Dracos see an end to the hostilities. In very different circumstances, Talos of the Crows of Albion and Riley of the Slap ‘n’ Tickle, Londinium fall over the course of the weekend. A further gargoyle from the cathedral is recovered.

At the Great Erdrejan Fayre members of the Harts put in a good show in the Save the World and Bards competitions but fail to live up to the Regent’s hopes in the Jugger and fall to the Jackals side. The lich released from Roskear contacts a number of named individuals by letter. An issue in the Spiral Mountain instigates the appearance of the Balrog, cultist activity is proven. The deaths of significant Tarantulas at the hands of Vipers sees them, with aid from Wolves and Bears, march on the Vipers who are in turn aided by the Jackals. Major losses occur but the Harts take a stance of neutrality and in the spirit of the Gathering Treaty accommodate non combative parties and operate as a triage centre with the support of the Guild of Healers.

April 1111

A force of Harts stands against Satuun’s forces, from a base at Roskear from which a lich is released and escapes. The forces are diminished but the war continues. Three more gargoyles are repaired to their former state to return to Milford.

December 1110

A fae by the name of Morgana attends a party hosted in Londinium, inviting fae of the heartlands to come and hear what she has to say.

December 1110

Theo D’Arby is appointed as the new Lord Regent. A party held in the Jugga Club is invaded by a herald of Satuun, claiming that Satuun is taking Milford as his throne.

August 1110

The Lord Regent Gabriel Bathroy is poisoned during The Gathering at the hands of a beguiled Hart. A long battle to save him in a ritual circle ends unhappily with the ritualist, Cap’n, aberrated. Caroline Bathroy quits court, citing fear for her life and her daughter’s.

Robert Mortimer is sworn in as the new Regent, only to be slain alongside Rowena of Hereford and Saul D’Arby on the battlefield the next day at the hands of Vipers waging war over accusations of a ritual being used to send Harts forces into the Plane of Unlife.

May 1110

A seemingly straightforward ritual goes disasterously wrong, running severely over time. Those within the circle without strong bodies or endurances in effect are killed instantly and it takes several healers, a rite, and nearly an hour of effort to save the ritualist, Edward James, who swears he will not lead a ritual again.

A little more is learnt about Malarn who has been identified through interaction with the Nix as an important mover within the Black Flame. The cult continue their attacks on Harts noble houses and set off a disease bomb in the Slap & Tickle in Londinium.

Ittimin of the Jackal faction leads a ritual at the behest of Saul D’Arby in which Faith Charenton becomes The Lady of the Lake and gains status as an official temper for Robert Mortimer’s adherence to law. When news reaches Ligea Rook, she is outraged and demands more information, with some stated threats to any unliving involved. Matters escalate and a state of war with the Jackal faction is narrowly avoided.

August 1109

Rone eventually falls when he brings forces into the heartlands where all factions are united in taking down the Akari scourge. Although Rone is gone, pockets of Akari remain and word is received from York that things are particularly unpleasant there, with the living being caged by Akari and sometimes turned to vampires. The Urchins track down a source of some of the moss problems that continue to plague the Harts, an abandoned lab in which surgery has been used to implant moss in victims. Fingers are pointed towards the Black Flame. The Nix visit and pass on information regarding the cult.

May 1109

The Unicorn Faction host a moot in Far Reach. News reaches the Harts that all is not well within the Greenwood. Ladies of Excalibur, women who bound themselves to the sword when it was returned by the last of the fallen guardians, begin to experience strange dreams.

A Vampire cult, The Black Flame, already known of, now begins to represent a real threat. Many attacks are made on camp in which members of the cult watch on while golems are sent forth to attack. Meanwhile further reports are received regarding a strange sentient moss.

April 1109

Harts attend a mission to the Healer’s Guild island of Elvas in an attempt to rid it of Akari. The assembled party are frustrated by a puzzle that acts as a lock for a ward surrounding a building. During a brief spell of the magics dropping, many of the party are trapped within its boundary but led by the Lord Regent the Harts escape via a window and destroy the puzzle by throwing powerful magic items atop the device. Rone attends expecting a feast and the party leads an assault. Many Akari are slain but lives are lost and the party has to run to the harbour to make an escape, losing allies along the way. Actions taken on the land reverse the wraith-touched effect it had been under.

August 1108

The Harts Faction is devastated by loss when over twenty of the strongest lose their lives in a strike against Lord Rone aimed directly at his personal circle in Telluria. The gateway to the circle is opened by means of three sequential rituals but overwhelming forces and the instability of the portal see many fall and others trapped after the tunnel collapses. Over 60 lives of members of the heartlands are mourned overall.

June 1108

At the Moot held in Loch Arbour in Caledonia, the hosts make themselves unpopular with the Harts by barging through house tents looking for Vipers to murder.  A tense stand-off outside the House Mortimer tent is resolved without bloodshed.  Lady Corona Corvinae leads an embassy to all camps looking to forge an alliance against the Akari.  Like the Fayre, great winds force the Harts to break camp early, so very few are on the field to aid the Bears in the defeat of a great Goblinoid horde.

The Vipers host a moot in Trieste, for the Harts, Lions, Wolves and Unicorns.  The faction send a group to Silverlake, where they unearth a silvered coffin containing ancient remains, which once opened affects all close to it with a magical sleep.  The contents are taken away to resolve the problems of the Fae at Silverlake.  A magical hourglass is delivered to Elizabeth Falcon, and later unliving from ‘The Mistress’ attempt to retrieve it.  A rite is written for the people to perform, and by order of the Lord Regent is to be performed weekly across Albion.  The Harts are visited by Honour, one of the Nishak demons, who states that their armies are cutting across country to attack the Akari.  A rite is carried out dedicating eight ladies of Albion protect the spirit of Excalibur, completing the return of the Kings sword to the land.

In the defence of their Allies, the Harts take the field against a demonic foe.  The Lord Regent scares his bodyguard by charging through the enemies lines with nothing but a pair of daggers.  He is retrieved alive and well, and the battle is won.

A group of Harts investigate the destruction of shrines to the Trinity in Cornwall.  With the help of the local beastkin tribe, the perpetrators are found to be a cult of Taranis protected by a unit of knights and summoning elementals through into the realm.  Although the enemies of Albion were vanquished it was at sore cost, including the Lord Provost Cal Poll.

May 1108

The attackers of the circle at York are confirmed as the Akari, a faction from the continent of Telluria.  They are also confirmed as invaders of amongst others Rimini, Moscow and Obsidia.  A mission is led by the scouts guild to Obsidia, but is thrown back with heavy losses, including the Harts supporting the mission, although their colours are returned to the faction. 

Earl Corman Falcon is captured attempting to defend the Archers Guild leaders who were in Harts colours, and taken to York.  A spirit identifying herself as Orias took a mixed group of Harts from the Fayre to Albion, from where they returned with a renewed Excalibur, and a task to renew the spiritual guardianship of the sword. 

June 1107

A new cathedral to The Trinity is dedicated in Milford to commemorate those murdered by The Conclave there a year previously. Three knightly orders
are formed – The Order of the Pendragon, The Order of the Stag and The Order of the Crow – and around a dozen Harts pledge their lives in the service of the ancestors. Robert Mortimer of House Mortimer, Yuxuonomieii of House Bathroy and Solarian ap Galahad of the Spears of Lugh are named as the heads of the three orders and ritually inducted as paladins of their respective faiths.

Excalibur starts to react violently as if some external force is attempting to corrupt it. Despite the efforts of The Pendragon’s followers it causes great harm to any who touch it and finally explodes; wreaking carnage amongst the assembled worshippers. The faction’s incantors and ritualists insist that all is not lost, however their plan remains unclear.

A moot for the Harts, Bears, Tarantulas, Unicorns and Vipers is hosted on Albion soil. Violence between the Tarantulas and Unicorns threatens to mar the event however the Harts are at the forefront of attempts to find a peaceful resolution (which the office of the High Sheriff struggles to maintain a fragile order). Nine factions meet for peace talks in the Shrine of the Pendragon but the Unicorns refuse to attend. Despite good progress between the other factions – and a cessation of hostilities between the Harts and Lions as a sign of good faith – violence between Tarantulas and Unicorns breaks out again and, despite a wall of Harts (including the Lord Regent and Lord Provost) across the gate of the Unicorn encampment, looks likely to result in the near total destruction of the Unicorns. In a final heroic act one of the Mauritanian Royal Family accepts trial by combat under Albion law and a dozen of his finest warriors face an equal number of the Tarantulas. The Unicorns are slaughtered to a man but afterwards the Tarantuals withdraw and the surivors are escorted to safety by Harts troops.

Having resigned his post to accept military rank Jastor (formerly King Edward’s champion) organises a contest find his successor. After several rounds of combat and an interuption to rescue stranded Unicorns Joseph Bhoona of the Storm Ravens is finally named as the new champion and takes his place on the Royal Council to represent the king’s interests.

A moot for the Harts, Bears, Tarantulas, Unicorns and Vipers is hosted on Albion soil. Violence between the Tarantulas and Unicorns threatens to mar the event however the Harts are at the forefront of attempts to find a peaceful resolution. Nine factions meet for peace talks in the Shrine of the Pendragon.

Apparently from nowhere a dark tome – suspected to be The Book Of Dark Dreams – appears in the middle of the encampment and starts to inflict disturbing visions upon those around it. Some of those present believe that they can see writing within the tome and it is removed for study in York by Duke Gabriel Bathroy; guarded by Solarian ap Galahad – one of the few remaining Dream Guardians.

A vast army of demons marches northwards from the Bloodwood towards Milford, arriving on the final day of the second moot. Whist undoutedbly too powerful for the assembled Harts to halt on their own, strong warbands from the Bears, Vipers, Jackals and several guilds (most visibly the Scouts and Armourers) unite to drive the demonic forces backwards. Meanwhile the High Incantor leads rites to cleanse the land of the demons’ influence. The battle ends with a devastating final charge by the demon’s warleader and his vanguard into the centre of the Harts’ ranks but the allied forces emerge victorious.

May 1107

A renewed force of Vulcan followers plus unliving and demons from the nearby Bloodwood are reported in Selby and the Armourers guildhouse is set on fire. Duke Charenten outlaws worship of Vulcan, isolates the area using the Winchester battalion and allows guild forces to enter the city. Enemy forces are however too strong and although the threat is contained it is not removed.

Lions ambassadors make formal approaches on the second day of the Great Erdrejan Fayre and offer unrestricted aid to Albion against the unliving taint on the land. Detailed negotiations continue and the two factions’ High Ritualist eventually agree a plan of action for the faction moots. Diplomacy with other factions is positive with most nations seemingly prefering to take a neutral stance and see how alliances develop.

Stewards are appointed to caretake those duchies currently lacking a Duke or Duchess and William Hulce is confirmed by the Royal Council as Lord Regent of Albion. Over the next two days the various poltical players jockey for influence until on the final night of the Fayre all members of House Charenten present are suddenly executed by members of the Lord Provost’s office and knights of the Order of the Stag. both the Royal Council and the wider faction accept the sanction however rumours continue that it was the result of an ongoing power struggle between Lord Hulce and Duke Charenten.

Harts teams performe well in the various games of the Fayre and win a substantial number of prizes from the various guilds. Whilst the faction’s jugger team is knocked out in the second round of the competition Albion’s enthusiastic supporters are very noticeable and the Guild of Commerce goes on to hire both a team from the Storm Ravens and the faction’s cheerleaders.

April 1107

A force of Harts and allies ventured to Selby in an effort to deal with the growing problems in the nearby Bloodwood. A daemonic queen and her Haralgar daemons had themselves up within the wood and allied themselves with Vengeance, a member of the Court of Lies. The Harts learnt from the representatives from the Court of Truth that Vengeance intended to marry the Queen of the Haralgar, which would grant him unlimited control over her forces. Vengeance’s plan was thwarted by a rite performed done to banish the Haralgar daemons from Albion.

Visions from The Trinity also warned of a second corruption tainting the Bloodwood. This was traced to a necromantic heart beating within one of the trees at the centre of the wood and the dark heart was subsequenly cut out and the surrounding forest cleansed.

March 1107

A significant force of Harts responds to a request for aid from the Armourer’s Guild and travels to Teutonia to help them oppose the servants of Vulcan. In response Vulcan’s agents flee the guildhouse at Selby and brief skirmishes with the Armourers ensue.

October 1106

The Harts faction went to York to mourn the deaths of those who fought and died during the Cataclysm. The Harts were attacked by the forces of Aldeyork. The Faction slew Aldeyork and his demon minions and avenged the murder of Her Majesty Elspeth Pendragon.

Cadarn Corvidae, father of King Edward Pendragon, was summoned to Albion, setting foot on Albion soil for the first time since his exile. Cadarn entrusted the book of Ebon Bindings to Georgiana Hulce and recognised Michael O’Donovan as Regent of Albion.

During the weekend Michael O’Donovan – Lord Regent of Albion, was slain by the forces of the Liche Castel. The Liche escaped over the weekend and is still at large in Albion. During this fight several other Harts were killed as was a good friend to the Harts faction – Life Master Hope Sunstone.

William Hulce, The Lord Chamberlain of Albion, declared himself Lord Regent of Albion after the death of Michael. This claim was not contested by any present and he led the faction in the victory over the Demonolgist Daedric and the Demon Telphar.

August 1106

After the Catalcym began, the Harts Faction stood en mass to fight against the four ancient forces of Entropy. Although many died on the battlefield, their sacrifice meant that two of the ancients were destroyed and the destruction of the Cataclysm was held in check.

The Harts stood with the Wolves, Bears and Tarantulas factions for Law and Peace on the battlefield to decide the final balance of power between the four cadres. Although they fought bravely, the forces of Feast overcame all and managed to direct the cataclysm towards the powers of Equality.

At the Gathering of Nations the Harts took Gateway Keep by force. This brought about an attack by the warband of the Dragons Faciton, but the assault was quickly repelled by the massed forces of the Harts.

July 1106

In Cornwall a group of Harts led by Cal Poll, the Earl of Carlisle, entered the Mists and proved themselves to the Ancestors of Albion. The Trinity of Albion was chosen as Nethras, The Hunter and the Pendragon. These were bound to the land and the king by a ritual team led by Madeline Falcon, the Duchess of York.

During the trip to Cornwall the head of the VIII legion, Albertus Hroc, was declared an Outlaw under Albione law and put to death. Yollo ap Carwyn of Keswick was slaughtered by Hroc and his men, but the Lord Provost made sure that justice was swift.

|Manannan, Lord of Mists and the Sea, refused to accept the decision of the people of Albion and ripped the Mists from the Land of Albion. This has left a large amount of land unexplored and who knows what sorts of strange creatures and beasts could call this area their home.

May 1106

At the Heartland Games in Roark, Sagramor unexpectedly announced his resignation as Lord Regent of Albion; naming Lord Provost Michael O’Donovan as his successor. Finn Dracha later stepped down as Lord Marshall and, after long deliberation, Rozenwyn Pervaine was eventually promoted in his sted.

The Harts and Wolves factions began to talk of reaffirming old alliances between the two. As other factions began fighting to impose their will upon the impending cataclysm, both Harts and Wolves swore themseves to Law and the Cadre of Peace. Soon afterwas the Vipers and Tarantualas factions did likewise; renouncing Satuun to join with the factions of Law.

With Mordred nowhere to be seen the Harts instead turned their attention to his servants; the embodiments of Magic and Illussion. To the surprise of the rest of the Heartlands both embodiments were successfully dismissed by Harts’ agents and Satuun and Mordred both fled the Heartlands; now hunted by those factions sworn to the banner of Law.

Igraine made an offer to the Harts that she would step aside from a position in the Trinity of Albion if they bound the Sword Of Ages with Excalibur; symbolising a permanent union of Albion and Cornwall. At the end of the Heartland Games Michael O’Donovan and retinue quested to Chapel Perilous with both the swords to forge Excalibur anew.

Escorting caravans to the new Armourers Guildhouse in Keswick, Harts troops come under attack from the followers of The Green Man. They learn of a ritual in Tuetonia to try to strip power from The Horned Rat and use it to bolster The Green Man; potentially giving him enough power to level Keswick and Gloucester as he had planned. Whilst the Lord Provost heads to speak with the Vipers faction, Baron Charles Derleth leads Harts forces to Teutonia in an attempt to prevent the ritual.

In Tuetonia the Harts meet with Vipers troops and parlay; the Vipers finding themselves caught between the supporting The Horned Rat who corrupts their lands, or The Green Man who will destroy their civilisation. The matter is decided when The Green Man takes control of the skathen high council and turns it upon any who will not obey him. Harts and Vipers together defend the loyalist council members before gathering the items needed by The Green Man and performing the ritual themselves to block his accension. Deputy High Incantor Cuthbert Dalrymple gives his life fighting against The Green Man’s followers to get the ritual group back to safety.

The Harts and Vipers also discover the Conclave’s intention to use The Green Man’s power to transform the skathen back into vermillion elves (and soliders for the Conclave). Together they destroy a Conclave laboratory and launch an attack upon a member of the Conclave’s leadership. During the battle that follows Captain Robyn Fitzwilliam holds a rearguard against overwhelming Conclave forces, and she and two of her companions give their lives defending the back of the column. At the column’s head the Vipers make similar sacrifices and around a dozen soliders of Albion and Tuetonia give their lives, however it is unclear whether the Conclave leader was amongst the slain.

April 1106

At the request of Governess Rozewyn Pervaine, many Harts travelled to Cornwall to speak about unity between Albion and Cornwall.  Rozewyn insisted that the Harts participate in games in friendship before the negotiations would start.

 At the end of arduous negotiations, it was agreed that Morgaine, the daughter of Leri Penhaligan, would be betrothed to Edward Pendragon – uniting the bloodlines of Albion and Cornwall forever.  Rozewyn was stripped of her military rank but placed on the Royal Council as the protector of Morgaine until she came of age.

During this time the Ancestors of Albion arrived to inform their followers that they should meet before the Cataclysm in the Mists of Albion to look within their hearts and choose three ancestors that would become the Trinity of Albion – three ancestors before any others.

October 1105

In an expedition to Trell, the Harts recover the fabled "Banner of Kings" and bind it to the young King Edward. To do so means confronting hte unliving pattern the legendary knight – Sir Galahad. The brave knight to whom King Arthur I had gifted the Banner of Kings had become corrupt and is eventually slain and his pattern laid to rest. Sir Galahad is rumoured to be the father of the Lord Regent; Sagramor.

A marriage between Thomas Farenden and Alisha Karlennon is attacked by unliving. Thomas Farenden is slain and a strange demon-like creature is thought to have kidnapped Aisha Karlennon. He was seen appearing in the Londinium circle with her before they made their escape.

August 1105

Ambassadors from the Empire ask all free factions to participate in a ritual to help restore their humanity.
Despite their distrust of the Empire the Harts agree to participate and send Duke Cawd Henrikson
as their representatives. All factions participate, however only about half provide a representative with any real authority to speak for them.

July 1105

Led by Earl Tylendal, the Harts manages to defeat the Covenant in the Greenwood.  Every demonologist is slain and the corrupted water source that was poisoning the wood is cleansed.  This success comes at a cost however and Osric Karlennon (Albion’s deputy high mage) sacrifices his life cleansing the water supply.  His death comes only a day after Marcus Brickstock (of Osric’s order) also gives his life in an attempt to save a village from a similar corruption. When the last demonologist is slain a large demon appears from inside her and takes control of those of its brethren still on the field.  These demons of disease are fought by the Harts for a while but in the end head southwest deeper into the wood.

During the course of the mission several members of the expedition (including Earl Tylendal himself) are summoned to Chapel Perilous by The Hunter. Here they prove themselves and are rewarded with the Hunter’s Cup (a powerful artefact of healing) for their efforts, however Morgania, Tylendal’s adopted father, stakes – and finally sacrifices – his life to redeem the faction for its failure to recognise The Hunter’s fourth aspect.

It becomes obvious that the ancestors of Albion are choosing champions to represent them in a coming struggle.  Silk – embodiying the Pattern of Good – agrees that there was a good chance that they were choosing side for the imminent cataclysm.  The Hunter speaks to those in Chapel Perilous saying that only three ancestors will be able to survive the cataclysm as patron ancestors of Albion.

The Ritual Circle at Elf’s Rest is buried in earth as the ground around it rises up.  The demons guarding the circle are destroyed but the military force sent to take the circle was also badly hit.  Two hundred members of the First Tooth & Claw and a hundred members of the already weakened Gloucester Batallion are killed as well as three hundred members of the Norhault Battalion (including fifty members of the Company of the Black Boar).

The town of Castleford is found burnt to ground with the walls crushed by a massive force.  About a thosand people are killed in the city itself and a similar number in the outlying villages and towns.  Baron Hulce attributes the attack to the followers of The Green Man and claims that both the Elf’s Rest incident and the attack on Castleford represent direct intercession by the ancestor.

June 1105

King Edward Pendragon is presented to his faction for the first time, having been fostered to the Bears of Caledonia for safe-keeping after the murder of his mother. Sagramore ap Albion is recognised as Lord Regent of Albion until the king reaches his majority. A contest is held for the faction’s warriors to attempt to earn the post of King’s Champion … an honour that is won by Aisla of House Charenten.

Earl Tylendal of The Hunters is charged by the Royal Council with responsibility for leading a mission into the Greenwood and dealing with the threat of The Covenant Of The Demon Reborn once and for all.

The "Dragon’s Eye" – a powerful anti-magic crystal that had been used to contain dangerous magical prisoners in Winchester – is found to be damaged after Imperial insurgents disrupted its re-enchantment earlier in the year. The faction’s mages and scholars re-empower it, whilst the rest of the faction (heavily aided by the Jackals and Bears) struggles to protect them for sorcerous creatures attracted to the pulses of raw magic.

The immortal pattern of Spirit tells the Harts that a new cataclysm is inevitable and that they must choose a side (law, chaos, good or evil) in the elemental struggle that will proceed it. He claims that the balance of mankind’s choices will influence the nature of the world that emerges from the disaster.

May 1105

At the Heartland Games in Roark members of the Harts attack a suspected Imperial spy. He is felled but released into the custody of the guilds who release him back to the Emperor. High Ambassador Michael O’Donovan, is summoned to talks with Quintus, the Ambassador of the Empire and Haagan of the Dragons. Fearing violence and unknown to their ambassadors, the generals of the respective factions lead troops down to the talks.

Lord Marshall Finn Dracha calls Maclann to show that he has some pride in his country and Maclann leads a charge against the Imperial troops. Many members of the Emperor’s own guard are taken and Cassius and Quintus flee through a transport circle.

Fearing reprisals the Dragons faction surrenders to the Empire almost immediately and cede control of Gateway Keep – the major barrier that prevents imperial forces crossing into Albion from Cymrija. The Emperor gives orders that three hundred prisoners or war are crucified around Cornwall, and there are threats that ten legions will enter Albion within the month.

With the removal of Imperial troops from Cymrija the Harts original objectives in the war are nearly complete. After much hard work by various Harts a peace treaty is agreed with the Empire and talks start to remove troops from Cornwall.

April 1105

High Ambassador Prudence deGales-Falcon, Baroness Durham is murdered by an Imperial assassin whilst under the hospitality of the Dragons Faction.

Lord Alexander Hulce, Duke Gloucester leads a mixed group of soliders and scholars into Empire-occupied Cornwall to successfully recover the Pendragon Throne itself and make a bid to win back the hearts and minds of the cornish people. Crown Prince Edward is kidnapped by Imperial Lion Knights and, although they are prevented from escaping, the abduction provides opportunity for the Eighth Legion to mount an attack on the royal household. This attack ends with the death of Her Majesty Elspeth Pendragon, Jac the Lord Provost and a number of other long-serving and distinguished Harts.

February 1105

Almost a hundred members of the faction meet to make and reaffirm oaths in the presence of the ancestors and witnesses from other factions. Lord Tylendal, Earl Chester vows that the servants of The Hunter will cleanse the Greenwood of corruption within a year and a day or perish in the attempt. Lord Regent Valris Ordos of Teutonia swears before the ancestors of Albion to visit horrific punishments upon those factions who would seek to invade Italija. Important diplomatic advances are made between the Harts, Dragons, Vipers, Wolves, Bears and Tarantulas factions.

October 1104

The "Green Man" abducts a number of Harts and tires to coerce them into murdering one another. Most present deny him and are sorely wounded but Percival deGales attempts to make a pact with the enraged ancestor in order to save his companions.

A number of ladies compete against Imperial troops in an effort to carry favour with The Mother. They are victorious and elect Genevieve Astolat to take the mantle of Shield Maiden Of The Mother.

The Eagle Knight who commands the goblins of Dunwich is slain but the Harts retreat collapses under assault from the remaining goblins and black orc "Ghosts" of the XIII Legion. A number of Albiones die and many more are forced to scatter into the wilds, going missing for several weeks afterwards.

July 1104

Under the command of Phoenix Karlennon an expeditionary force travels to Whitton in an effort to prevent a breach of the wall between waking and dreaming worlds. Traversing a host of dream realms and struggling with confused images of their people’s past they finally confront the old dream guardian, but not in time to prevent Phoenix’s decline into madness. As the divide collapses the Harts make a desperate stand in defence of a ritual to pass the mantle of dream guardian to Phoenix’s oldest friend Goran Heartcleaver. Goran takes up the burden and slays both his friend and the corrupted guardian, but he too is lost to Albion as he is drawn inexorably back into the dreaming.