Dagos Thorne

Position: Earl of Chester, Lord Lieutenant of the West
Group: The Order of Nethras
Dutchy: Gloucester
County: Chester
Race: Human

Having originally attended court as an act of interest and with no real goal or title, Dags
has come a long way in the last few years of meeting with the other heroes of Albion.
In his early days at court Dags only really cared for himself and his friends but in the
recent years he has grown as a person and now cares greatly for the lands and all the
people of Albion Рa feeling only grows.

Since his arrival he has learnt many things about the world and more importantly about
himself, although among the things he has discovered a single long hidden secret
revealed to him that he wasn’t the man he previously believed himself, and that his pattern
had a much larger part to play in the history of the heroes of Albion.