Killed by nightmare creatures while returning to camp at the first moot in 1115

Race: Elf
Group: The Hunters


Seraphin Birch

On the Sunday night of the first moot of 1115, Deagon and Flint were on their way back to the Harts camp. As they skirted around the back of the Unicorns camp, they were attacked. Despite fighting back, they were outnumbered, and both Deagon and Flint were badly hurt. Deagon was attacked first, harmed multiple times, skinned, and then left on the ground bleeding out, whilst the group set upon Flint.

A short time later, both were found by Gregsey and a small group of Harts. Unfortunately, by the time they were found, Deagon had already gone. Flint on the other hand was still alive and was healed and survived.

The Hunters were informed of their loss, and Lazarus quickly Laid Deagon to rest.

This distressing information I have heard from others, as I myself was out of camp that night, visiting with friends in another camp. I learned this terrible news upon my return in the morning, and I set about gathering as much information of the previous night’s events as I could.

I accompanied his body back to Forest Glen, where he was buried and I write this account now, as I sit beneath the tree his body lies under. I’ve felt compelled to visit several times, despite knowing that his pattern is with the ancestors. We do curious things in our grief.

Deagon was a member of the Royal Hunt and had recently been appointed to the position of Quartermaster. He was also an active member of the Elven council and was vociferous in his reverence to the Hunter.

I take solace in knowing his pattern was returned to the Hunter, though as close friends, his death has left me numb. We had already suffered the loss of another of our household, just the day before; a stark reminder that we are never truly safe from those who seek to harm us, and that we must never take our time on the Egg for granted.