Die Alone – The Crows of Albion song

In the misty lands of Albion there’s a group that everybody knows
If you’re strong in faith and firepower, maybe you can even join the Crows
Worshippers and demon wranglers, the finest ritual team you’ve ever known
They’ve boasted many heroes but sadly most of them have died alone

Sail the Ars Moriendi to the isle of Lindisfarne
Where Ma Crow will do her best to keep you safe from harm
Wield the Iron of Flaming Glory! Pray your death is not too gory!
Albion’s our home, we’ll give our lives; defend the throne

Join the Crows! (Join the crows!)
See the world! (See the world!)
And die alone! (Die alone!)
Die alone! (Die alone!)
Join the Crows! (Join the crows!)
See the world! (See the world!)
And die alone! (Die alone!)
Die alone! (Die alone!)
die alone!

Jackamo Cassandra was a hero and the founder of the Crows
But in York the foul unliving made poor Jackamo lie down and decompose
Merlon was the Sheriff, sworn always to Albion defend
He got poisoned on the battlefield, and found that he had met a sticky end


Into a ritual circle stepped a beastkin and an umbral and an elf
But unbeknownst to them it was to prove to be a hazard to their health
Sathareal, Osuna and Taryn earned respect and admiration
But the vapour poison proved that a ritual seal provides no ventilation


Burdock loved himself, and when he was around you had to watch your back
Until some zombies came, pulled out his entrails and had a ghoulish snack
Shio was an angry one who wanted to do Harm to Xatabai
But the demon tore his kidneys out and made herself a steak and Shio pie


Cap’n was a ritualist, well known and well respected to his men
He got tanked up at a party, went out to pee and was never seen again
Orthorian loved knowledge, he was curious and thirsted for the facts
But his brains sprayed on the walls whilst he was playing games inside the tesseract
from Piranhas With Manners, released August 2, 2015
Words by Lester Starcraft
Music by Thorkal Gudbardsson
(OOC: Stephen McGreal & Neil Albrechtsen)

Cover by The Broken Harts

Original by The Bricks