Elizabeth Falcon

Group: House Falcon
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Elizabeth Falcon was killed in a ritual circle accident.

Elizabeth Falcon spent her early years growing up on her father’s, John Falcon, estates. Years earlier John had sided with Corvus Corvidae and his claim to the Albion throne and had decided to leave Albion during the Civil War.

It was here that she studied as a physician and an alchemist, but her desire to return to the land of her birth, and to be reunited with her Cousin Robert’s side of the family, meant she eventually returned to Albion.

Despite the stigma of being John’s daughter, Elizabeth was taken in by her cousin, the Lady Madelaine Falcon, and took up residence in Warwick Castle.

Her introduction to the Harts was at the Heartland Games in 1106, where she made her first tentative steps into Albione society. By the time of the Factions Moots she had settled in and had made firm friends amongst the faction including the Ladies of the Ordo Hwyt Draga. It was at the Second Moot that that she was instrumental in providing aid against the disease that was running rife through Londinium, after the flooding of the Eastern Coast.

In the summer of 1106 Elizabeth was one of the number who went into the Mists to take part in Albion’s Time of Choosing. It was here that Elizabeth made an Oath to serve the Pendragon, the Pendragon’s ideals being very similar to her other Ancestor, Cathol. Also in the Mists Elizabeth discovered the King’s Belt, an Albione Artefact, on the unconscious body of the traitor Albertus Hroc.

At the Gathering of Nations Elizabeth was pushed into the forefront of Albion society due to the tragic loss of Lady Madelaine, and was appointed the Head of House Falcon. A task she has taken on with determination and dedication.

The autumn of 1106 saw Elizabeth fighting in Warwick against the forces of Alderyork, a long term thorn in House Falcon’s side. In addition to securing a victory over the werewolf she also uncovered more information on an Ancient Curse that has long afflicted her household. Elizabeth made a pledge, witnessed by both Harts and the Vermillion Elves, to put right the wrong caused by her ancestors.

Most recently Elizabeth acted as a bridesmaid for her close friend Georgiana Hulce at her wedding to Lucien Steiner.

Burke’s Peerage
Winter 1106