Fenrir Yatel

Died defending the guilds in battle at the Gathering of 1116


Goodbi Fenrear Yatel- Bi Moth Ball.

I is not too gud with dis word stuff butt feels like I shud rite sometin to mi alpha. Lots of  peepole r goin ta say he waz grate and stuffs butt I new him befor he waz all dat. He waz a pain in the ass at times and ovher times he waz the bestest pearson you cud wish 4. He stod up 4 me wen ovhers lookd down on me. He lerned me how ta talk gud and lerned me how ta fite. Tere were manie times I wanid ta gives up, butt he stod bi me and kapt me goin. I dos not now how I will karry on with out him butt I will cause he wud want me ta. I will miss mi alpha so manie days butt I will keap pack goin 4 him. Goodbi mi alpha, may ur howl be heared bi all dose who care ta lisen.