Genevieve Astolat

Position: Shield Maiden of The Mother
Group: House deGales
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Elf

Born in Avalon, Genevieve is of the house of
Astolat – a house anciently sworn in vassalage
to the deGales as its bards and teachers. There
has always been an Astolat attached to each of
the offspring of the deGales bloodline, and Genevieve
it seems earned the high honour of teaching the
family’s first-born son Percival.

After the first battle of Aegg Isle in 1099 Genevieve
became lost in the mists and only returned in
the early Summer of 1103. She assisted Lord Percival
in the establishment of the Royal College Of Heralds
at Berwick, and was appointed as Dean there late
in 1103.

In the Spring of 1104 Genevieve set about producing
a ‘paper of news’ for the Albion people
and the result was the Albion Herald. Late in
1104 she was chosen by The Mother to serve her
as ‘the Maiden’

Gentleman’s Register,