Graf Dog

Position: High Ritualist
Group: House Mortimer
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Beastkin

Graf was born into a small dogkin pack that roamed wild, around the hills of Berwick. It was a once large tribe, now decimated, and more bestial than most. As the youngest of six siblings, Graf found herself at the bottom of the pecking order and prone to bullying from others. In early 1107 Graf was found seeking shelter alongside the Mortimer beastkin guard, driven from her own tribe when the leader died in a fall and the rest fought fiercely among themselves for the role of the alpha. Although Graf could barely be understood at first, Violet Mortimer took pity on her, later finding that Graf had an unlikely propensity for healing and invocation. Graf’s background left her nervous, eager to please and keen to be useful, but instilling social graces was an uphill struggle.

Amongst the Harts, Graf found her place as a follower of the Hunter and briefly led the religious Order of the Stag. She took the role of High Healer in 1109 and worked hard both as a liaison with the Healers Guild and keeping the fighters on their feet, ultimately stepping down in 1113. A keen contributor from the outset, Graf put herself forward as a ritualist when Edward James walked away from the circles after the catastrophic ritual of 1110. She endured a short marriage to Cap’n of The Crows of Albion, which she reports was doomed by his addiction to ritual magic.

In 1112 Graf wrestled Milford Cathedral from the grip of Satuun via ritual, narrowly avoided killing the ritual team, whilst accidentally creating the most stable necromantic circle on Erdreja. She was both void tainted and knighted as a result of this effort. In the process of recovering her pattern state, she made a promise to Erdreja that she would work to rid the world of void taint and aberration. She later turned Brother Ross into an ancestral of the Pendragon, a move laden with irony since discussions in this direction had earlier caused the rift between Graf and her late husband.

Graf quested for, and weilds, Morax, the sword of loyalty. When Albion fell in 1113, Graf refused to believe all was lost and set to work organising rites and rituals to rebuild her homeland, taking on the duties of High Ritualist in the process. She is now based primarily at Carlisle’s refugee camp working in makeshift hospitals but travels widely attempting to understand more of the world and restore Albion’s glory.

A devout believer in the importance of the Land of Albion, Graf serves her faction however she can. Her writings and reports are widely available but comprehension thereof requires some effort.

House Mortimer, an Anthology
Spring 1114