Death recorded 1108

Position: Baron Of Hereford
Group: Seelie Court
Barony: Hereford
County: Chester
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Fae



I know little of the Seelie faith, however I
understand that Holly should return to us in the
Spring. If he will be the same I know not. But I do
know that even if his story may not be complete, at
least one chapter is closed. There was many tales
within this chapter and I know only a few.

Although fun loving and easy going at the most of
times there was a passion hidden by his fae veneer.
This became only too apparent when he joined me to
support the Wychwoods in the battle against the Void
entity. So much so that he would give up something
extremely dear to himself in order save us all. The
story he wove as he made this sacrificed I am not
worthy to re-tell. But my recollection is that it
almost brought a tear to Dream’s eye.

This is but one tale within this chapter of the
Story of Holly I am sure other can add more but for
this one I regard Holly, despite his small size, a
giant amongst men.

Dee, he favoured you in life, would you look over
him until Spring?

Winter 1105