Joseph Henroth

Died in battle against the Conclave at the Gathering Of Nations 1105
Position: General Of Keswick
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
Barony: Havoc
County: Carlisle
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

was born in the village of Thursby in the Barony
of Havoc on the Caledonian border. Joseph’s father
Edward had a small holding where he raised cattle
and it was on this farm that Joseph grew up.

In 1085 during a Caledonian raid across the border
Edward Henroth roused the local villagers and
sent a runner to the local garrison. His actions
on this day saved Havoc from any real harm. For
this he was knighted.

When Joseph came of age Sir Edward used his title
and connections to get him accepted into the border
guard and it was here he served for many years.

In 1104 Joseph experienced a recurring dream
of a White Dragon and was at the formation of
the Ordo Hwyt Draga. He has since worked closely
with the Lord Martial in military matters and
is fast becoming an authority on the Imperial

At Oathsnight Joseph found the true calling of
the White Dragon and realised that he should become
an incantor so he could better spread it’s message.

Rising rapidly through the ranks Joseph Henroth became General Of Keswick was tipped to eventually succeed Finn Dracha as Lord Martial of Albion. He died in battle against the Conclave at the Gathering Of Nations 1105, standing beside the Lord Regent until overwhelming force felled them both.

Gentleman’s Register,