Late August 1115

Excalibur is recovered and the rift at Marchwood is sealed against demonic attack by a narrow margin in a rite led by Larton. The removal of Dracos as an Ancestor proves contraversial and the Harts stand alongside those proclaiming that this shall not be repeated, even to remove Satuun. After victory in the Gathering battle this is accepted by all signatories to the Gathering charter. While Satuun makes his presence known the armies and those in opposition at the Gathering drive him to despair and when he attempts to attack using ritual magic the Watchers contain the threat and the true avatar is destroyed. Saylen sees success in the circle after winning the ritual raffle but backs out of her planned attempts to aid with the walls of Al Quafar some minutes into the performance when it becomes clear that her information has set her on an unwise path, seeing little harm to herself or the team. Rumour has it, even at the walls of the city of the dead, the Company of the Blackened staff host a rather lovely masquerade.