Late May 1113

After frantic work evacuating Albion, the Harts gather at the Great Erdrejan Fayre to assess the state of the country and plan the way forward. Narrowly avoiding a lethal poisoning while mustering outside the bar, they set about establishing the state of Albion. The storm and wilds have taken their toll but direct messages from the Trinity urge resettlement as soon as possible. The hellmouth beneath Marchwood Keep is rediscovered and after much effort the Bloodwood’s encroachment is contained by transfering the pillars from Milford to Selby by use of much ritual magic and combat. Some appeals to Law are interrupted by Dracos who attempts to gain further power but an avatar of a new ancestral force of Law makes an intriguing offer regarding Selby’s ritual circle. Fleider, the first skathen, reveals plans to create new Grey Seers to oppose Calligar. Orthorion of The Crows and Bartholemew of Londinium are killed in an unexpectedly lethal game. Eloise Hunter receives a great blessing as her fate and Albion’s are tied when Sir Gawain summons her.