Late May 1116

The Harts attends the Grand Erdrejan Fayre and return with their number depleted by one when Imbrium dies defending allies. Back home, however, there is massive devastation as Carlisle and the associated region fall in the wake of the Wellspring of Evil which continues at pace to devastate all in its path. Harts are instrumental in avoiding war with Telluria and Cathay based on the presumption that the movement was a deliberate act by those of the Heartlands.

Those in camp are beset by all manner of assailants including beguiled Harts believing themselves to be other than they are and hounds of Calligar sent against all factions. One of the daughters of Calligar is destroyed within the walls of another faction, and a preacher of Calligar is destroyed at the hands of the Queen. The fae enemy known as “The Broken Sword” wreaks havoc in camp in the guise of Lord Callum causing confusion. In the background, Harts put in a strong show at numerous Tesseract games and help to recreate the Tesseract based on ancient stories found in their libraries. Within camp, Duncan Corvinae becomes a puppet, running games which lead to the winners being marked by Mordred. Nethras withdraws from Queen Eloise and offers prophecy regarding a grand ritual to be held at a moot in Chapel Perilous, warning the Harts that they must be ready.

Returning home, the Harts face the wake of the Wellspring and being to make preparations for re-dedicating Winchester as the seat of the Crown.