Ligea Rook

Group: House Corvidae
Barony: Alton
County: Bristol
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Human

Every generation the line of Rook births a set of non identical twins, usually one male and one female. Ligea and Glandarius are such a pair. As children they were completely inseparable, an almost eerie communication between them. Each seemed to know exactly what the other was thinking.

When the purge of Roxanne hit the house their parents decided to hide them in the safest place they knew. The two young children found themselves abandoned on the steps of the imposing Norhault library, to be raised within the stacks of old tomes by the librarians, scribes and clerics. Not a place for two small children, but they were quiet and well behaved and useful, so they were forgotten about, just part of the furniture of the library. They stacked shelves, scribed, made themselves useful and used the rest of their time to further their studies.

Quiet Glandarius was most often found with his nose buried deep in a book of Incantations and Ancestors. His theories on the source of Ancestral powers and the interactions of the planes were well regarded, if controversial.

Ligea by comparison is more strident in her views and takes a more hands on approach to her studies. Her specialism was in the enemies of Albion and the rites and rituals to summon and destroy them. It is better to know all there is to know of your enemy and what he may do, before you face him.

Glandarius and Ligea returned to Bristol shortly after the cataclysm. At oathsnight they both made an oath before the Ancestors and swore to the Order of the Crow, to continue their studies for the protection of Albion.

Glandarius was sadly struck down but a few months later defending the Bloodwood. He will be deeply missed by all of his family, but most especially by Ligea, who must now find a way to continue without him.

Fell fighting the Court of Lies near Selby

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