Marcus Reiver

marcusreiverBy the hand of Brother Caradoc, Chaplain to the Carlisle Chapter-House of the Order of the Pendragon, here set forth are the histories and deeds of our Brother Marcus Reiver, of the Order of the Pendragon, that a right and true account shall be ordered and maintained in this Book, as per the example of the revered Keeper.

Our Brother was born in Carlisle in 1075, to Rebecca and Richard Reiver. When Marcus was just five, his father was found dead in an alley near the Old Queen’s Rest in Carlisle city. Though the Sheriffs investigated the occurrence, their search came to naught – they did record the death as suspicious, however.

Marcus’ family fell on hard times and his Mother looked to remarry. A man named Corvin Mellori, a distant relative of the Usurper, Corvus Corvidae, took her hand, Marcus and the family moved to Cornwall.

Marcus grew up in the Mellori household, and became part of Corvin’s guard force. In 1094, at the outbreak of the Civil War started, Corvin Mellori sided with the Usurper, Corvus Corvidae.

Marcus, like his father a devout follower of the Pendragon, attempted to disobey the will of his mother’s husband, and take up arms in the name of Elspeth and the Harts. Corvin was angered by this view and threatened Marcus’ Mothers safety, and so Marcus was forced to fight for the Usurper, Corvus Corvidae.

When Corvus was defeated by the Harts, Corvin became desperate and sought to summon a Death Knight named Marin, to strike at the forces of the Harts. He was discovered by the new Harts authorities, arrested and imprisoned.

Though Corvin was in prison, Marcus still feared for his Mothers safety, and of possible charges of treason, and so they fled Albion, and went into hiding.

In 1098, when Cadarn Corvidae returned to Court and was pardoned by Queen Elspeth, Marcus also returned and took up duties as a Circle Guard.

When the Floods came to Albion, Marcus was detailed to escort refugees. This duty returned him to his childhood home in the Duchy of Keswick, and it was then he met a young man called Joseph Stone.

Out of a desire to aid their country in such a dire time of need, Joseph and Marcus sought out Albion’s Royal Court, and travelled to the lands of the Dragons for the Summer Moot of 1114. It was here that Marcus was introduced to the Order of the Pendragon, and fought alongside them in the ensuing troubles.

Shortly before the Gathering of 1115, Marcus approached Wyndrake Winterheart, Marshal of the Order of the Pendragon, and petitioned to join the Order.

Wyndrake replied “Of course mate! You’re already one of us, as far as I’m concerned”.

Brother Caradoc