May 1110

A seemingly straightforward ritual goes disasterously wrong, running severely over time. Those within the circle without strong bodies or endurances in effect are killed instantly and it takes several healers, a rite, and nearly an hour of effort to save the ritualist, Edward James, who swears he will not lead a ritual again.

A little more is learnt about Malarn who has been identified through interaction with the Nix as an important mover within the Black Flame. The cult continue their attacks on Harts noble houses and set off a disease bomb in the Slap & Tickle in Londinium.

Ittimin of the Jackal faction leads a ritual at the behest of Saul D’Arby in which Faith Charenton becomes The Lady of the Lake and gains status as an official temper for Robert Mortimer’s adherence to law. When news reaches Ligea Rook, she is outraged and demands more information, with some stated threats to any unliving involved. Matters escalate and a state of war with the Jackal faction is narrowly avoided.