Montague Haartz

Killed in Cataclysm battle with forces of Entropy

Position: Knight Commander of Albion
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
House Hulce
Barony: Shrewsbury
County: Chester
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Human

At first glance it would easy to assume that Monty was nothing more
Than a cold, hard thug, an intimidating figure that dispensed justice with
harsh Teutonic brutality.

Well yes, in some respect you’d be very right, but there was a lot more
to him than that. He was a man of honour, but was never afraid to do
what needed to be done, even if it seemed to be underhanded or frowned
upon. His loyalty to Albion, King Edward and to Hwyt Draga should be
nothing short of admired.

Despite not being an Albione, I have never met a man more dedicated to
his adopted homeland, or to the protections of its citizens. He kept me
safe on numerous occasions, our efforts in Cornwall against the Empire
spring first to my mind, and also was good enough to escort me to
Teutonia when I went there to study.

A quiet man, but one very passionate for the causes he believed in. He
would not have been content to die old in his bed, but the way he did,
fighting against a terrible threat in the defence of Albion and the
whole of Erdreja.

May the Dragon watch over you Monty. I will miss you greatly.

Georgiana Hulce
Winter 1106