Nathaniel Fisher

Sacrificed himself to save Lord Regent Sagramore from death at the hands of Gralloch demon.

Group: House Fisher

A story told about his younger years.

William Fisher, Nathaniel’s father was always a keen
hunter and enjoyed
nothing more than taking a party deep into the
wilderness and tracking
down game. One day he decided, perhaps foolishly, to
bring Nathaniel
(still only 6) and his younger sister Cordelia

They were hunting boar with spears and far from home
when a great noise
came from a patch of undergrowth the main line of
hunters had already
past. Now out of this undergrowth stepped a boar the
size of a small
pony. It looked around with small beady eyes, fixed
upon the two
children and their nurse and charged. Now the nurse
was so greatly
scared she fainted dead away. It was obvious none of
the hunters would
reach the children in time. Nathaniel though did not
scream and shout,
run away and hide or even step forward to fight it.
Instead he waited
until the last moment as the boar was about to
trample him and his
sister, reached down picked her up and stepped
aside. Shielding her with
his body he was slightly grazed.

Now all took this as a sign that he would follow the
Mother and that he
did growing ever stronger in his faith.

The Gathering of nations 1105 was the first time he
came out among the
people of the heartlands. Now Nathaniel died as he
lived – protecting
the weak.

The Harts camp was assailed by a mighty
foe from our past – a
gralloch demon. A powerful skinless creature that
not only struck its
foes with deadly wounds but followed them down as
they fell to rend
their pattern to shreds. The only way to stop one
doing this was to
strike at it and thus open yourself to its deadly
claws. Nathaniel
followed the creature with Excalibur and each time
one of the people
round him was fell he stepped over and protected
them until finally he
faced it alone for too long.

Nathaniel may have not
been known to many
of the Harts but hopefully his name will live on as
a man personifying
the traits of the Mother.

Library Archivist
Autumn 1105