October 1106

The Harts faction went to York to mourn the deaths of those who fought and died during the Cataclysm. The Harts were attacked by the forces of Aldeyork. The Faction slew Aldeyork and his demon minions and avenged the murder of Her Majesty Elspeth Pendragon.

Cadarn Corvidae, father of King Edward Pendragon, was summoned to Albion, setting foot on Albion soil for the first time since his exile. Cadarn entrusted the book of Ebon Bindings to Georgiana Hulce and recognised Michael O’Donovan as Regent of Albion.

During the weekend Michael O’Donovan – Lord Regent of Albion, was slain by the forces of the Liche Castel. The Liche escaped over the weekend and is still at large in Albion. During this fight several other Harts were killed as was a good friend to the Harts faction – Life Master Hope Sunstone.

William Hulce, The Lord Chamberlain of Albion, declared himself Lord Regent of Albion after the death of Michael. This claim was not contested by any present and he led the faction in the victory over the Demonolgist Daedric and the Demon Telphar.