October 1111

The Watchers reopen circles closed during the Gathering and confirm that allare working but that a significant number have a necromantic taint and further closures may be necessary. Every port city in Albion is filled with people of all rank from towns that lie near rivers. Water is being sold straight off the ships at prices as high as a gold a barrel. Every city is a explosion waiting to happen, people are taking to the streets in protest. The Kings Guard, in Winchester, arrests many demonstrators for rioting.

After a difficult fight, the Harts overcome the majority of Morgana’s forces, killing a number of her Lords. Some level of peace is restored after the major water sources are cleansed of the poison infecting them. Morgana, however, escapes and her whereabouts are unknown. Roe, Sephraim and Vern are lost during the battles. The Black Flame’s servant, Whispers, is destroyed and the Harts regain a further of Waylund’s swords.