Ow Dedhewadow

By Anna Clifford-Tait

My cafas nefra ri yn
Dhe an torn a an deth
Pan ow prys orth diwedha
My gull junnya ty
Ni bos kelli bys hen prys
Ow cara gull aswon hyns
Bys ow prys orth diwedha
Pup-prys gwir

Ow dedhewadow
Ow cara bos gwir
Ni gull junnya bys vycken
Bys hen prys ow onen cara bos ti

Mi cafas nay-fra ree in
The an torn a an dayth
pan ow pris orth dee-weh-tha
mi gool joonia ti
nee bors keh-lee bis hen pris 

Ow cah-ra gool asworn hins

Bis ow pris orth dee-weh-tha 

Poop-pris gweer 

Ow day-they-WAH-dow

Ow cah-ra bos gweer

Nee gool joonia bis vicken 

Bis hen pris ow oh-nen cah-ra bos ti

“I can never yield
To the turning of the day
When my time is at end
I will join you
We are lost until then
But my love will know the path
Till my time is at an end
Always true

This is my promise
My love is true
We’ll join forever
Until then my only love is you”

Rehearsal performance by Anna Clifford-Tait: