Group: Seelie Court
Barony: Hereford
County: Chester
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Fae

I am the only surviving member of the original Seelie Court and have lost many good and close friends over the years. Syrinx, Holly and Cleat being just a few. My memory only goes back a few years to 1097 although I did not attend the great gathering until about 1103 I think. When I first awoke all those years ago with my other fae family I was very confused and none of us could remember anything. After the Sparrow war and the ritual I was the only one to still have any sort of magic ability, which was very strange. We believe all our magic power was used to make ourselves big, I still don’t know to this day why I still kept mine. It did only last a few years though and eventually dwindled away. I am now quite a competent healer and try my best to look out for the rest of my family.

We originally lived in Cornwall then when the Revolt happened we moved to the Green Wood under the protection of The Hunters. Then Holly was made Baron of Hereford so we moved again.

A few years back when the Orcshunears were still around we lost our dear beloved Holly in an act of bravery, he was the original leader of the Seelie Court. After his death I was voted new leader, and then to my shock (and to the Orcshunears amusment) I was made Baroness of Hereford! I only held that title I think for about a year as I had no idea what I was doing. We currently still live in Hereford and are close to The Jugger club of House Charenten

I am a lover of music, bubbles, Jugger (fae rules of course), fine (and colourful) drinks and of course SWEETS! I have also recentley spawned another small fae by the name of Willow Bee. i’m guessing there is something good going on in the fae community as Thorn has also spawned. Now is the time of the fae!