Winchester is the heart of courtly Albion, it has the most fertile farmland in all the kingdom and prosperous cities including the capital at Winchester. This compares favourably with the savage forests of Gloucester to the West and even outshines York to the North. That is not to say Winchester is without strife, the open coast line and the marshes of Trell always pose an underlying threat but one that is minimal in comparison.

The People Of Winchester

Winchester, the Royal Duchy is home to King Edward Pendragon and is the seat of power within Albion. The people of this land are fiercely proud of their position in Albion’s social structure and wear their pride like a new suit of mail or gown. Behind this ostentatious facade however, lies the true heart of the people. They are proud to be subjects of the King and most follow the Regent’s rule as well as any in Albion.

As Winchester is the home of the crown the people believe they are privileged compared to the rest of Albion and see it as their duty to provide an example to the rest of the Kingdom. The people of Winchester pride themselves on their manners, good graces and dress indeed someone not dressed appropriately for their station is unlikely to find favour with the people of Winchester. Apart from the capital the largest towns within Winchester are Brighthelme Stane and Selby and its coastline includes the ports of Lowestoft & Lismore as well as the treacherous marshes of Trell. The famous keeps of Marchwood & Sherburn reside within the Duchy and the Isles of Orlaine & Sarnia also come under Winchester’s rule.

The population of Winchester like that of the rest of Albion is primarily human however there are small enclaves of Elves & Fae living in the Bloodwood & Bluebelle Wood.

The Nobility

The landed titles of Winchester have customarily been dominated by House Charenten and her allies. It has also been a place where favourites of the crown have held title. The Duchy tends to have nobles who represent all that is best of Albion.

The nobility of Winchester are the most affluent of any Duchy, this is as a direct result of the fertile soil and thriving cities giving the people of Winchester more wealth and their resulting taxes. This affluence is reflected in the way in which the nobility of Winchester dress for they are proud of their station and would not want to be confused for a noble from a lesser Duchy. Sartorial matters are important to the nobles of Winchester for the way you dress and comport yourself shows respect for those with whom you are dealing.

Ancestral Influences

Worship of the Pendragon is strong within Winchester although this is no surprise for the Duchy is the seat of the Crown and Pendragon worship teaches loyalty to the crown. Nethras worship also has a place within Winchester as people associate worship of the mother aspect with the former Queen Elspeth, Nethras is worshiped in a far more civilized way in Winchester than it is in some other Duchies, Keswick for example.