The Mountain and the Man – Wyndrake’s Song

By the Bricks

The old man kissed his daughter, and his grandson in her arms
And prayed that their passage would be swift and safe from harm
She set off on her journey down the rocky mountain road
Carrying her baby to the fertile lands below

The mountain shakes and shudders from its roots up to its crown
with a roar like mighty thunder the avalanche rolls down
the frost bites like steel and the winds grow fierce and wild
A babe wrapped in a blanket of snow, the Mountain made this child

The old man saw the storm clouds swelling, thick and fast
And rushed to find his daughter in the lonely mountain pass
He searched up there for hours, battered by the howling gale
He found her body like a statue, cold and hard and pale
In her arms she held her baby, so small and frail and still
Embraced in icy fingers of the mountain’s deathly chill
The old man cried out in anguish, loud enough to split the sky
When the echoes had subsided, he heard the baby cry


He carried back the baby to the safety of his keep
He prayed the boy would live and would awaken from his sleep
An avalanche roared down on the distant mountainside
And as if the mountain called to him, the boy opened his eyes
They named him Wyndrake Winterheart, he grew tall and strong and broad
Master of the hunting knife, the songbook and the sword
On the shores of Wintermere, the boy became a man
He learned the paths of the Dragonspine, of its people and its clans


One day he went wandering on the highest windswept fells
A snowstorm drove him to a cave and sealed it like a cell
Two weeks the mountain held him, whispered secrets bold and strange
When it finally released him, he was forever changed
With Pendragon in his blood and Excalibur in his hand
The mountain in his heart and a love for his homeland
A true child of the Dragonspine, from Wintermere he came
The mountain shaped the boy and the man that he became