Braigwen Vanya

Group: Mackintash Trading Collective
Race: Elf
Duchy: York
County: Lincoln
Barony: Durham

Braigwen is an elf who arrived with the Mackintash Collective at the GEF in 1115. This was her first time outside of Albion/at Court.

She has already shown that she’s eager to listen and learn and can also often be found writing/making notes. She doesn’t seem to mind a bit of hard work but knows how much she enjoys the tavern life too.

She spent time in the Greenwood when most left, or were guided to safe places in Albion, and later in Carlisle with the refugees. Some might say she is lucky to be alive having been one of those that also required mind-healing from Nightmares.

Fiercely proud of the fact that she never left Albion, she has brothers (and family) in Lantia. Despite being reunited with her brothers after thirty years apart, this fact has already caused some friction.