Died at the hands of The Kingmaker, a tainted avatar of an aspect of the Pendragon, who proclaimed her Queen and placed a poisoned crown on her head at the Gathering of 1116.

June 1115

The Harts and Dragons gather together under the spirit of Britannia to celebrate midsummer. A great pyre is burnt with much celebration, dancing and sportsmanship. The wild fae guide the Albiones in crowning a new Holly and Oak king and … Continue reading

Taryn Barliansson

Group: Crows of Albion Position: Captain of The Barliansson Battaltion Race: Human Barony: Chelmsford County: Warwick Duchy: York Poisoned in Sunset ritual circle Obituaries Oh Taryn. I can only send my grief and sadness at what was meant to be … Continue reading

Charles Cobain Derleth

Position: Duke of Keswick Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga Group: House Hulce Barony: County: Duchy: Keswick Race: Human Charles was slain in battle when the Heartland Nations attempted an assault on the personal circle of Lord Rone of the Akari. Childhood … Continue reading

February 1107

With the aid of The Trinity, the liche Castel is ritually summoned to Keswick and his link to the land is blocked. A combined force of Harts, Wolves and Vipers (backed by a number of guild representatives) chases down the … Continue reading