Celadore Rulien

Position: Champion Of Neutrality
Group: House Karlennon
Barony: Norhault
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Elf

Well, where do you want me to start?

In over 500 years and in Albion since the early
700’s it has been fairly boring. For most of my
life I was a retainer to House
Charenten, but when Elspeth married Elias
Snr I was asked to join the Karlennon household.
I have been working for the Karlennons ever since.

I have had some interesting experiences recently;
mostly in relation to the discovery of my own
heritage and also attempting to keep Erdreja safe
for the rest of you. Lately Floris Cullen asked
me to be his champion – a role I am most proud
to hold – and, even though the other aspects have
imprisoned Floris and released Existence, I will
endeavour to keep doing his work.

If you need to know any more all you have to
do is to find me and ask.

Celadore was killed in battle in 1105. With him was said to die the chances of neutrality in the upcoming Cataclysm of 1106.

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