Cliamain Vauthel

cliamainGroup: Crows of Albion
Barony: Shrewsbury
County: Chester
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Human

This half-Caledonian, Albione man with his wild mane is very humble and cowardly. He highly respects and fears most around him. He always means well, and wishes the best for people. But through sheer density can make mistakes.

Up until the year 1112 Cliamain had never left his home barony of Shrewsbury. He was a faithful apprentice to a warm and cunning Druid. But as his two adventurous brothers decided to leave the home town of Shrewsbury he worried for their safety and reluctantly left with them.

His brothers have seen opportunities in following the Harts to each meeting between nations and have even joined the Crows of Albion. Although shaken by all this uncertain fate, Cliamain has began looking for a new Druid to continue his learning with.

In 1113 Albion suffered from widespread uprising and raging, magical elements. A great rite was performed to the Ancestors with the help of many other nations. Much of the Albione people were saved, praise the Ancestors! Safely fleeing to other lands.
Cliamain’s Albione family have fled up to Banchory to seek refuge with the Caledonian relatives.

This man is receiving tutoring, or in some cases advice at the very least, from the Druids of Erin, Cymrija and Caledonia. He also aims to learn from his own homeland about the Trinity, and other Ancestors of Albion. He wishes to see the great island and Erin prosper together as well as their respective Ancestors. Grand tutoring was given to him that here, at the beginning of his studies, during these desperate times, he will hopefully walk from this a more defined Druid. To stand amongst the Druids of the great island and Erin.

He wishes power upon your Ancestors, may they bless and guide you.