Corona “Jack” Corvinae

Position: Ward of Morgaine
Group: House Corvidae
Barony: Alton
County: Bristol
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Human

Birth:= 1072, Bristol, Cornwall
Father: Dauuricus Corvinae
Mother: Crista Hroc

Corona ‘Jack’ Corvinae and her younger brother Kaie ‘Dante’ Corvinae were presumed dead in 1084 during the bloody Corvidae purge instigated by Roxanne. The siblings were rescued from the sea by Lucius and his brother Andreas D’Orvieto working the dangerous Italija to Sicilija arms trade, and adopted into their family.

In 1088 Jack married Andreas and took their name, though unfortunately Andreas was to die shortly after. The family continued their endeavours at sea and gained a name for themselves aboard ‘The Crow’, notably taking on an Imperial galleon.

Though kept from their family by Roxanne’s forces, Corona and Kaie never forgot their heritage and worked where they could for Albion and waited for a time when they would be able to return.

Finally in 1103 Jack was able to hand The Crow over to a new captain and join the Albion Navy, lending her support to the forces battling the Empire.

In late 1106 Jack was promoted to Lieutenant of the Southern Fleet and posted to Bristol with the fleet after the cataclysm. At last she could make herself known to her family and rejoin Albion society.

Gentleman’s Register