Corvus Covidae

Resides: Alton, Bristol, Cornwall
Race: Human
Position: Duke of Cornwall
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga

Born Corvus Hroc, the second son of three to Corbin Hroc and Marianne de Bracey, Corvus’ family was broken apart when he was just a child. At the age of 13 he saw his elder brother Corum sent away to the monasteries to learn the arts of the Ancestors. Very soon thereafter Corvus was forced to watch as followers of the Demon “Bitch” Roxanne massacred his parents and youngest brother Corin – something that will live with Corvus for the rest of his life. Spirited away by unknown forces, Corvus grew up serving in a minor Noble House in Sicillja, where he began to hone his talents for the sorcerous arts … he thought never to see Albion’s shores again.

After years of travelling and studying, Corvus began to have strange dreams of a White Dragon calling him home. Tentatively he sent out messages to old contacts and friends who had kept him aware of goings on in his homeland and heard of a man called Dimens who had brought together others that had followed the call of the Hwyt Draga. Finally after wrestling with his dreams of the Hwyt Draga and his nightmares of his former life in Albion he returned home, joining with the other members of the Ordo and also finding that other members of his family had survived.

A true son of Cornwall, Corvus is deeply passionate about reuniting the land of his birth with the land under The Crown. He feels it is his duty to do this as the land of Cernow was ruled by his forefathers before the rule of the Pendragon. This also gives Corvus, what some would consider to be a very arrogant demeanour. He cares little for the thoughts of these people as he believes that the people and the land must come before all things.

With the withdrawal of Tristan Hroc from court, Corvus was named Head of the House and took the House name over his own. Now called Corvus Corvidae and having taken the title of Lord General, (a title granted to the Head of House Corvidae in perpetuity) Corvus leads the house into a new era.

With the reformation of Cornwall and Albion under the Pendragon Throne, Corvus was honoured to receive the title of Earl of Bristol in recognition of his efforts in the talks leading to the reunion.

With many more of his family returning from hiding following the purge instigated by Roxanne, Corvus sees a bright future for his family and himself in service to the Pendragon Throne. Indeed at the Oathsnight of 1107 along with many other loyal Harts, Corvus swore an oath to protect the King in the sight of the Ancestors of Albion. An oath he takes very seriously.

Burke’s Peerage
Summer 1107