Eolas Eborus

Position: High Bard of Albion
Group: House Charenton
Barony: Londinium
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Killed defending Sagramor from grolloch demons

Born of the union between a warrior of the Hebog
O’r Tan and Aithne of the Morghuns, Eborus was
raised in Gwynedd by his uncle until he was apprenticed
to the minstrel Dryffed. Nicknamed ‘Eolas’
(wise) in jest by his master because of his continual
attempt to impress with snippets of lore, the
two travelled far and wide across Edreja. Dryffed
would sneak Eborus into libraries under his skirts
and leave him to make a bed out of the old manuscripts,
whilst he went a whoring.

In 1099, before Dryffed passed away, he told
Eborus to seek the druids of Caer Glas. Eborus
took a new master – the Druid Bratan. However,
Bratan was killed by vampires before the training
was finished; Eborus was mysteriously blinded;
possessed by Bratan’s ancestor ‘The Hawk’
and then went mad. He saw things too clearly including
the madness that fell upon Caer Glas.

The Hebog O’r Tan were exiled from Caer Glas
and found sanctuary in Albion. Soon after this,
Eborus was cured of his madness and blindness
and became the new druid of his people now renamed
the Hiraeth. Since that time, Eborus has loyally
served Albion, becoming High Druid in 1103 and
then High Bard in 1104.

Burke’s Peerage