flareGroup: Company of the Blackened Staff
Barony: Havoc
County: Carlisle
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Beastkin

Flare has come a long way since being drafted to Albion in 1110, most notably he has risen through

the ranks to become Captain of the Company of the Blackened Staff, a group that has swelled

recently in numbers and who he could not be prouder of, and who he often refers to as his family.

He has also been recruited as one of Torvell’s rangers and has been put in charge of the Duchy of Keswick’s ranger department.

At home in the Duchy of Keswick he oversees the work being done to fortify the Company’s new fortified home in the mountains of Carlisle, and he has begun work on a tunnel that will stretch through the mountains linking the towns of Keswick and Carlisle.

Flare has found his time in Albion has changed him in many ways, most noticeably he no longer acts as a healer in the field but instead calls upon the power of the Hunter to aid him when fighting, though that’s assuming he is capable of speaking during a fight at all…

Updated in 1116


Former notes:

Flare was born 15 years ago literally in the Company’s Sicilijan Mother House his father wasn’t known and his mother was a member of the kitchen staff.

He grew up quickly and was always around poking his nose into anyone and everyone’s business both on the streets or in the mother house, til it got to the point that if an important meeting was about to be held the room had to be thoroughly searched for Flare first.

When he wasn’t keeping the Company on its toes he explored the streets of Syracuse along with the other street children and Company young, what he got up to during those days is usually answered with “Y’ know, stuff”.

Eventually he was old enough and Flare began his training under Edward James, he was taught like all beastkin to read and write and was given the task of Company clerk, to sit in on most meetings and keep notes for them. Mostly as it stopped him hiding in them anyway a habit he had never got out of from childhood.

Recently Eclipse has sent for Flare as the company required a dedicated healer and also having someone extra to keep a track of the paperwork is always useful.