Foxxglove Lanata

foxxeglove Position: Lady Chamberlain
Group: The Hunters
Barony: Edwinstowe
County: Ellenbrooke
Duchy: Gloucester
Race: Fae

Born into Clan Betula of the Court of the Green Oak, Woodland Fae Foxxglove Lanata (Foxxe for
short) spent most of her days wandering the forest of the Greenwood, un-hindered by life and
the formalities of the world beyond. She spent most of her 893 years learning all she could of the
trees and plants and became a competent healer within her Clan.

Her world was turned upside down in 1109 when the Greenwood ‘attacked’ her people, scattering
them throughout the forest. When Foxxe finally stopped running she was alone, and days of
searching for her kin proved fruitless. Distraught and alone she made her way to the edge
of the Greenwood and days later was found by a party of elves who took her to the Meeting
of the Nobility of Albion at the Summer Moot. There she found a temporary home before
being ‘adopted’ by Graf Dog and the Order of the Stag, with whom she found affinity in her
religious beliefs; following the Hunter.

She was very direct, not lacking in manners, but seeing everything at the same level as her; having
no real idea of rank. However, on returning to House Mortimer with the fae in tow, Graf directed
Foxxe to etiquette and history lessons, which has slightly tamed her forthrightness.

In the few years Foxxe has attended the meetings of the nations she has grown very fond of many
of her new friends and has, with Graf’s help, developed her healing skills further. She made her
home for a time in the grounds of the Mortimer Mansion before deciding to move back to her beloved
Duchy of Gloucester; dividing her time between Castleford (being near to the Alpha of the Order)
and the Greenwood. Having spent time with the Order of the Stag she now sees that it was
perhaps the will of the Hunter that brought her to the Royal Court.

In more recent times, Foxxglove has gained respect within the ranks of the Royal Council and was
asked by Martyn Tarragon and T’Undra if she would take on the role of High Ambassador from
the now Lord Regent Theo D’Arby. This she did, with much trepidation, but in a short time she
came to love the role and the responsibility of office. Within the year The Lord Regent made her
Lady Chamberlain, and she now leads a small band of ambassadors doing their best to maintain
diplomacy across the nations.

When not carrying out her ambassadorial role she can often be found by the camp fire, singing
songs of the land and its people. She has a thirst for knowledge and has found solace in the
meetings of the Fae Council where she has learnt a great deal about what and who she is. She
feels guided by the Hunter to help develop the Fae culture within the greater Human society and
encourage the Fae of Albion to find themselves.

She is very dedicated to the protection of the people of Albion and will fight tooth and claw to
defend the land. Now, newly embraced by The Hunters and House Hunter she finally feels at
home among friends of all races.