Golda Galatine

Position: ‘Vixen’ – Head of House Galatine
Group: House Galatine

Barony: Alton
County: Bristol
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Human

‘Vixen’ – Head of House Galatine

At the tender age of twenty-one, Golda Galatine is the youngest leader of House Galatine there has ever been. She is the daughter Grace Galatine, who died at the age of 49 from tuberculosis. Despite her loss, Golda has always put on a brave face for her family’s sake, though occasionally she susceptible to outbursts of anger that leads to acts of violence. Golda, however, enjoys conversing with other members of the Harts and strives to keep the peace between feuding factions with words, not weapons. She hopes that some day she can put the past behind her, and work towards a better future for the Albion.

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