Death recorded 1108

Position: Ranger of York
Group: House Mortimer
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Beastkin

Grrrrrrh was born into the wild beastkin tribes from the hills near Durham. He survived the early years of a Wolfkin by using guile and cunning and on reaching maturity was inducted into the forces of Lord Mortimer. Being a large Wolfkin meant being put in the front lines of the Mortimer infantry but due to extensive discipline problems he was transfered to the skirmishers. This did not work out well either and he was placed within the Mortimer household to serve as protector to the young Lady Violet. Part of his duties was also to serve The Mortimer on his frequent hunting trips.

Years later Lady Violet has grown up and needs him less for protection, his age also reduces his time on the hunt. With his growing years he has embraced his traditional family ancestor, Fenris, more and more leading to him dedicating all his energies to the devotion of the great wolf.

Dangerous Woodland Creatures, A Spotter’s Guide
Spring 1107