Isagore Calvi

Group: House Falcon

Barony: Pendrinn
County: Exeter
Duchy: Cornwall
Race: Human

With the duties of maintaining the Calvi household
falling to his older brother, Isagore spent his
youth indulging in the freedom that comes with
a total lack of responsibility. A desire for adventure
led the young lord to leave the boundaries of
his homeland and eventually study at the great
library of Caer Dannon. Spending more time indulging
in local culture than his studies it is perhaps
surprising that this temperament was tolerated.
It was at this time that Isagore’s extracurricular
activities forged the bonds of friendship with
another young noble, Lord Edward Falcon.

All too soon circumstances found Isagore at a
loose end and, with House Falcon returning to
Albion in spring of 1101, Isagore rallied to his
friend’s side. Time since has seen its joys and
woes. Bard, duellist, cartographer, sailor, armourer,
gambler, the young lord could be said to have
a diverse range of interests. Core amongst these
has been his allegiance to the Bold League of
Adventurous Gentleman (B.L.A.G.) and ever furthering
their cause. Unluckily for the ladies of Albion
Isagore’s Bachelor days are over when, after a
long courtship, Mfanwy of the Brec Bras became
his bride at the Gathering Of Nations in 1104.
Let us hope this fine union brings some stability
to this lord’s mischievous ways.

Gentleman’s Register,