June 1112

The Harts host what many factions proclaim to be the best Great Erdrejan Fayre in years, marred only by the weather that saw jugger matches postponed to later in the year. Morgana is banished during the opening ceremony when she attempts to claim Excalibur. The sword guardians are chided for failing to empower the recovered swords and with the help of the Armourers Guild, take the first steps along that path. With help from the Brotherhood of the Sealed Knot, the children of the Silver Army take down the Green Queen while the Harts assemble allies from all guilds and factions to end Addenay and seal Malarn once more, thus bringing an end to the power of the Black Flame cult. Elves from the Greenwood give direction regarding the wherabouts of the final pillar. Richard Hroc is executed for crimes against the Mages Guild.