Group: Mackintash
Barony: Durham
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human

The origins of Lamont are unknown – even he doesn’t know about his early years. All he knows is that he is from (although not necessarily born in) Silverton in Albion. Seemingly abandoned by his parents, he was named Lamont when he surfaced in a local settlement by the villagers, as he used to consider himself judge, jury and executioner of any local crimes – often without any sort of thought process or proof.

Lamont liked two things: to drink, and to fight. Due to his love of the former, his ability to do the latter was greatly affected. After many years of this, he was in a fight, about to be slain by a female adversary, when Captain Simon Neverwinter, on a supplies run for his ship, the Drunken Duck, came upon him. Feeling sorry for Lamont, the captain took him back to the Duck to become part of the Mackintash. For saving his life, Lamont swore himself to the Captain, to follow his command and serve him and the Mackintash in whichever way he is ordered, as the captain’s first mate. In return he was taught basic combat skills by the captain and the rest of the Mackintash, so he could actually defend himself should he get himself into any more sticky situations.

At Erdrejan gatherings, Lamont stands alongside the Mackintash in whatever business they undertake, defends and supports the captain (however silly, ridiculous and suicidal his ideas are) and offers his services to the Harts faction as a native of Albion, while also propping up the Lonely Harts Club bar as barman and dogsbody. He doesn’t always agree with everything the Mackintash do, especially the Captain’s whimsical ideas, but as he owes them his life and more, he does what he can to help. He still hopes to discover who he really is, and where he really comes from, and hopes one day to come face to face with his parents, whoever they are.