Martin Kane Karlennon

Position: Quaesitor
Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga
House Karlennon
Barony: Sherburn
County: Marchwood
Duchy: Winchester
Race: Human

Martin is one of the northern Karlennons. Unlike
their more refined southern cousins (Benedict
for example) the northern family are known for
their direct and unsubtle manner.

Arriving at the Heartland Games in 1104 to talk
with his friend William Dimens about his dreams
and research into the mythos of the white dragon,
Martin was a founder member of the Ordo Hwyt Draga.

After the death of Phoenix Karlennon at Whitton,
Martin was jointly named Lord of the Karlennon
household with his sister Diedre. He now divides
his time between responsibilities to his house
and the Ordo.

Stubbornly loyal to his friends and open-hearted,
it is however still unclear whether Martin will
make a good leader for the household. Politically
inept and open about this fact, he stands for
what he says and will go to any length for his
friends and family. He is however a strong believer
in the ‘good of Albion’, for which he
has publically said he will sacrifice anyone and
anything in the defence of land and people.

Burke’s Peerage, 1105