Shadows over Bristol

(Ligea Rook & Corona Corvinae / Tansy Pye & Anna Clifford-Tait)

May the crow spare you
Circles in circles
May the magpie guide you
Tidings and portents
May the jay cheer you
Circles in circles
May the rook lead you to the
Parliament of the wise

Wings over Bristol, shadows in flight
One wing in darkness the other in light
All flock together our Family tree
In each branch a nest of our history


Keep the crow flying, Rook Raven Magpie
Circling the battlefield, flying so high
Patterns of the fallen on sable wings
Taken to the halls of Albion kings


All your titles and land, your oaths and your feuds
In mud and in blood your vengeance lies with you
An eye for an eye is plucked from your skull
Just a corvidae feast in the dirt where you fell

Rehearsal performance by Anna Clifford-Tait: