Shio Ichihara

Group: Crows of Albion
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Ancestral
Fell aiding the Incantors Guild in recovery of a guildhouse on Ustica

A foreigner to Albion, and the laws under which it runs, Shio can be considered a ‘different’ approach to Albione Nobility. A member of Clan Ichihara from Nihonese coasts, Shio is a member of the fae Court of Fate; in which he specialises in the acceptance of fate. While other members of the Clan view Fate as something that cannot be changed, Shio believes that when one is Fated, then the consequences happen immediately; no matter the cost or who is involved. Shio’s view on Fate, however, can change as drastically as the weather upon the Albione lands.

Fate decreed that upon his first trip to the Heartlands with the Crows of Albion, he was little more than thrown against the wards of a Ritual Circle and changed. After that, much of Shio had changed but he is content, at least. After the Ritual’s success, Shio stands a simple shell of a far greater power. A Champion of Nethras’ holy choir.

Despite the new change and, therefore, new approach on life, Shio hasn’t changed entirely. While before he would assess a situation quickly, trusting that his actions are Fated, he now looks to the outcome and goes fully for the end result. Due to what he calls his ‘Ascension’, Shio now deems himself one of Nethras’ Bloodseekers; a title he took himself after his ‘Rebirth’ and one he offers all other aligned to his Ancestor.

His appearance may have changed slowly, however. When Shio was fae, he had a very dark and forbidding glamour. His name in Nihonese markings across one eye, while a claw mark down the other. His name was therefore his honour to Clan Ichihara, his place in the Court of Fate and his rank within the Ichihara family. The claw mark was to symbolise his approach to the Court of Fate; very forward and ignoring the consequences, accepting the pain and expressing it as a mark of success. His ‘new’ appearance seems to have destroyed his previous glamour. His eyes now ‘leak’ his own life-essence, as does his mouth; while his old Nihonese clothing has been removed from his form in place of something more akin to priestly garb.

His attitude, however, hasn’t differed. He’s a very open and straight to the point individual. He will tell someone what they are doing wrong, and he will show that Fate has more to do with life than any other force upon Erdreja. Nevertheless, the newly found power has granted him a more unique look on life: That those of Albion, as well as those who view Albion as their home, are far superior in every way shape and form. If one was to bleed, then they would bleed no longer. If one was to fall, then he would fall in their place that they could stand. Nethras demands that none of her children fall. Shio makes sure her command is seen through.

That even Her command cannot be changed. For Fate has decided it, and this Fate shall be fulfilled.


The Obituary of Shio Ichihara by Cap’n Magdellon Ironhoof, written shortly after the expedition to Ustica on the 12th day of the 11th month of 1112

I met Shio Ichihara a long time ago, and I can hardly say that before we met that we were, what you might call friends. His history has always been somewhat of an enigma to me, and so when I was told by some of my colleagues that Shio would be my first ritual subject, I remained uneasy…

Now almost a year and a half later, I can look back and say that I have no regrets, other than wishing I had, had the opportunity to spend more time with him. When his cousin died to Morgana’s assassins, he hunted them down and rended them apart. He mourned for her and brought vengeance to the foes of the Crows and Erdreja. He protected and upheld the Dark Faith and showed loyalty to it, even when other ancestors only saw light, Shio respected the dark, first and foremost, learning that any sacrifice must be made to ensure that people are protected and their fates ensured.

Some worship him, some fear him, but we all respect him for the work he did to ensure that above all else – the people survived. He was a protector, an advisor and a vicious fighter. He was my first child of the ritual circle and the one I am most proud of. I know he died doing what he did best – tearing his enemies apart for the people who mattered most to him. He will forever be missed, as a Champion of the Dark Faith, Nethras and the Crows and I know now he will be standing at Nethas’ side, as one of her protectors of the people.

Rest well, Shio Ichihara, and know that we -never- shall forget you.

Tsubasa Ichihara

“To a nephew lost,
We journey alone without you
Lost though blood remains”
“From an Uncle to a Nephew” by Tsubasa Ichihara

Merlon Barliansson, Captain of the York Battalion, Crows of Albion

Shio, of the formidable Nihonese Clan Ichihara, later known as the Bloody Handed Champion of Nethras, was a short lived friend of mine, and while I didn’t get to know him as well as others, I shall still miss him.

He is known for skulking in the dark, striking back in the name of the People of Albion, and often succeeding. I feel sorry for them, as he is no longer able to protect them, yes I am somewhat comforted by the fact that he died in a manner befitting him: trying to recover an ally, a true testament to his nature.