Spud the Adventurer

Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

Spud “the Adventurer” is a plucky character born and raised with her 55 elder brothers in the small and un-notable town of Gedhelm. Armed only with her excruciatingly bad singing voice and overwhelming enthusiasm to “beat shit up” she set out to explore the world beyond.

Spud ran into the Crows of Albion quite by accident. After arriving in York in the year 1114, Spud met a talking cat, known simply as “Kitty”. Infatuated by his overwhelmingly fluffy black and red coat, she followed him in to a tent the Crows happened to be hosting their Crow Prayers. Deciding that the crows were “a bunch of pretty stand up peeps” she promptly swore her allegiance and never looked back.

After the unfortunate events at the Gathering of Nations that same year, Spud said goodbye to a great number of Crow friends. She did however, make new ones in a splinter group called the One Wall Caravan. With a new found ‘talent’ in drinking she officially joined the travelling pub in 1116, partaking in their many boisterous adventures around Albion.

When questioned on why her mother gave her such an unusual name, she simply answers “Well once you’ve had 50 kids you kinda run out of ideas”.