Position: High Bard of Albion (Retired)
Group: Company of the Blackened Staff
County: Nottingham
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Fae

First noted in 1103, Thenni is one of the few Story Fae to choose to associate on a regular basis with the rest of Albion.

Originating from Faery in far Arcadia, it is assumed that she
originally arrived in Albion under the orders of the then nightmare-tainted Titania. Nothing is known of her movements during or after
that war.

Becoming an associate of the Company of the Blackened Staff in late
1103, she functioned as the Company’s primary healer for a while, before taking the position of High Bard in 1106. Controversial rumours have occasionally circulated with regard to the nature of her relationship with the Captain of the Company of the Blackened Staff, Eclipse.

At the Gathering 1107, Thenni was Gazed, speaking directly to the dragon within the Egg. The effect of this upon her and her role in Albion is as yet unclear.

Jayne’s Guide To The
Free Companies, 1107