Thomas Gates

Group: Ordo Hwyt Draga

Barony: Naseby
County: Carlisle
Duchy: Keswick
Race: Human

Born in Keswick to a Squire, Thomas grew into
an active young man. Being the youngest child
in a large family Thomas decided at the age of
14 to join the army. Several years later he became
married to the daughter of a wealthy merchant
seeking to marry into a noble bloodline. Although
a somewhat arranged marriage Thomas and his wife,
Bethan, had several children and a normal marriage
… perhaps slightly helped by Tom’s frequent
and prolonged absences due to military duty.

His career in the army has been solid but unremarkable.
During the civil war he fought on the side of
the soon to be Queen Elspeth and the Harts, and
made the rank of Captain. By the end of his 25
year stretch in the army he was the senior officer
of the Keswick battalion and often left in charge
when General Sagramor had other business.

Since his retirement Tom has spent the last couple
of years with his wife and youngest child, which
has led to a certain strain in their relationship.
When Tom heard the call of the White Dragon he
had no hesitation in picking up sword and shield
and heading out once more to defend King and Country

Gentleman’s Register,