Charlotte Taverner

Group: Company of the Black Boar
Barony: Norhault
County: Lincoln
Duchy: York
Race: Human
Sacrificed to destroy Sicilijan witch

Charlotte Emily Taverner, daughter of Robert Taverner, a retired member of the Company of the Black Boar. Robert, who served under Henry Audeley, retired from service when his wife, Anne, passed away. Her death left him alone to care for his three children, his daughter Charlotte Emily, and his two sons Christopher and Jonathan. He returned to his family’s tavern in Norhault, “The Archer’s Quiver”, where he settled down with them.

Robert passed away six months ago, in November 1102, leaving Charlotte in charge of the tavern. Before his death though we was pleased to find that the Company had been assigned to Norhault, and often frequented his tavern, allowing him to relive a lot of memories. Charlotte, who although enjoyed working in the tavern, often wished that she could spend time following the Company around, getting a bit more life experience. Now that she is the owner of the Archer’s Quiver she is able to do so, especially now that she feels her two brothers are of a more responsible age.