Fiona Fireheart

Group: The Ironfist Expeditionary Force
Race: Dwarf
Barony: Selby
County: Worcester
Duchy: Winchester

Fiona was born on the day, the Dwarven Hold of Borthdurysbryd collapsed. Too young to be tormented by the events, she was moved from the then aptly named ‘Dragon’s Ass’ to the main hold of Cymrija, that of the legendary Borthawr. Records indicate she spent most of her years within the Hold’s extensive library learning the arts of healing and engineering, while honouring vehemently the Dwarven Pantheon in all her work. It is believed that her childhood, as long as it is for many dwarves, was a happy one spent in the company of Clan Fireheart, a dwarven family of inventors and architects.

All events between this and her arrival in Albion in late September 1110, appear lost. Given the state of the Dragon nation at this time, it is perhaps unsurprising that this information is unavailable to us. Still, it should be mentioned that there is no recorded survivor of Clan Fireheart other then Fiona within our archive of those refugees we were able to take in following the collapse. Given that many of these lists are also lost to us, and many refugees were housed abroad, we are unlikely to ever find out if this is the truth unless an identifiable family member comes forward and is vouched for.

Still, from this point, Fiona is recorded as having applied for a number of positions within influential construction and development organisations based in Albion, before finally settling for a role as a junior librarian within Brighthelm Stane Library in early 1111, a role well below her level of expertise. She seems to have been mostly oblivious to all that occurred around Albion during this time. An annual report on performance filed in 1112, describes Fiona as being;

Too interested in constructing and implementing a new cataloguing method to the library – to make friends or even socialise with her peers. This ‘Dewey Decimal System’ – a system she has supposedly named after a family member – seems overly complicated and quite frankly a waste of time

It is noted that the ‘Dewey Decimal System’ was introduced in late 1112 after which it was established that efficiency of work had increased dramatically within the Library. Here Fiona remained until the sundering of Albion in early 1113, which saw the collection at Brighthelm Stane moved to Forest Glen some months later. A week afterwards, Fiona arrived and began her work cataloguing all the unorganised books anew. She completed this work by the Summer of 1114, by the end of which she had attained a level of expertise to which she was awarded the title of ‘Proctor’ by her peers, many of whom still had no idea who she was or what she did outside of hording and organising books.

Shortly after this Fiona came to Court at the Gathering of Nations 1114 outside the Gates of Al’Quafar, offering her services in the reconstruction of Albion’s recaptured cities. Her arrival was a muted affair, though it is noted that she did manage to forget that the Lord Counsel, Isaac Hulce was in fact her superior and the one from whom she drew most of her purse. This however has only helped us in identifying Fiona as the same bookworm she has gained a reputation for being. She has since then moved to live in the Dwarven Hold near York. Her office can be found in the city of Selby.

Before this report concludes, there are a few notable points which should be addressed.

It is not unknown for many first seeing Fiona to identify her as male – a massive social faux pas best avoided. Fiona is known to be particularly offended by such slights, and while not violent in her behaviour, it is wise to avoid raising unnecessary trouble. Such a situation is not helped by Fiona’s inability to grow a luscious beard often associated with dwarves of all backgrounds. It is believed this may be the result of her previous work sometime before coming to Albion. Fiona also appears to believe she is followed by bad luck, citing Borthdurysbryd , Borthawr and Albion as examples of where she has arrived to call someplace home before the location is often lost, damaged or destroyed. There is however, following extensive research, no reason to believe Fiona is cursed or linked to the events which occurred in these locations or lands.

In summary, this report sees Fiona Fireheart as a harmless foreigner who has come to settle in Albion and in doing so, make it her home. While odd in looks and used to some foreign and (arguably) barbaric customs, this reports finds Fiona’s loyalty unquestionable, her knowledge formidable and her architectural experience above the norm to the extent it might be reasonably assessed that she is a pioneer in her field. It is therefore the conclusion of this report that Fiona be assigned to the Architect’s Prison to begin repairs to its structure and foundation.

– A Report of Loyalty and Professional Integrity. The details of the author and commissioner of this report remain unknown at this time.