Honey Soy

Group: Crows of Albion
Race: Halfling
Duchy: York
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Poisoned in Sunset ritual circle

Honey used to live a few years ago (he forgets how many) in York, with his parents, but he is informed by Tsubassa that upon his parents death they asked him to care for Honey, and he took Honey in as one of his household. Honey is very childlike in his nature and his innocence sometimes leads him into trouble, both at home and at school where he attends Brighthelmstane under the tutorship of Mistress Culpepper.

Honey is a keen dancer and enjoys entertaining all his bardic skills, but also hopes to improve his abilities as a healer as he does like helping people. He also has a major sugar and cake craving which he tries to satisfy at every opportunity.


I’m sorry that I bribed you with a ride on my hobby horse to step into this circle with me. If I knew it would have led to this I would never have asked. You were a true halfling and your cheery nature and love of food reminded me everyday of what a glorious race you are. Rest well.


When you died a spark of laughter died as well.

When Tsubasa first left you with us I was concerned about this over affectionate, dancing Halfling but in the short time you were with us you wormed your way into our affections and will be sorely missed.

Your exuberance and sheer delight in life was a joy to behold and you made event the toughest smile with your intense and loving hugs. The dancing, of which you were so proud, was indeed a sight to behold and brought tears of joy to those who witnessed it.

You quickly became a valuable asset to the Cassandora Battalion, helping to pick up and heal many people on the field learning your skills with speed. You also proved yourself a keen academic with your admittance into Brighthelmstane Academy, of which I was so proud. There you excelled in numbers, art and cookery and used your talents to assist Alteriel with The Queen’s Herald and my office with book-keeping.

My brave little halfing. Even in death you requested to be sent to your Ancestor, knowing the current dangers, such was the strength of your innocent belief and I am sorry that we could not send you exactly where you wanted to go but I know that you would understand.

To be taken from us so soon was truly a crime.

Your Ma.

Ma Crow,
Commander of The Crows of Albion