Madelaine Falcon

Position: Duchess of York
Group: House Falcon
Barony: Chelmsford
County: Warwick
Duchy: York
Race: Human

Slain in battle attempting to hold back the minions of the void and in so doing limit the destructive power of The Cataclysm.


In York there grew the whitest rose,
The fairest in the land
But darkness fell and our rose withered
And now weeping we all stand

Our tears they fall on barren ground
As Autumn’s chill wind blows
We gather strength in Cathol’s sight
As our awful pain he knows.

Spring will come, and light, and love
We will build anew
The rose will bloom again my friends
This I promise you.

Elizabeth Falcon
Winter 1106

A noble dedicated woman, who loved her people and the whole of Albion
above all things. It is perhaps fitting that she should die acting in
their protection, but it does not make her loss any less easy to bear.

She was always good and kind to me, would always listen when perhaps
others wouldn’t have. She never judged me either, when I know others

I will miss her counsel, her smiles, and her laughter. May the Dragon
watch over her.

Georgiana Hulce
Winter 1106

Madelaine Falcon, second child of Helene and
Charles Du Montagne, eldest sister to Francis
Du Montagne, Beatrice Wychwood and Percival Du
Montagne (also known as ‘Percy Percy’).

Madelaine learned much from her mother, a healer
of some fame, who escaped her husbands clutches
when she was smuggled,with Madelaine, from the
Castle Du Montagne, in Avalon, by the seneschal
Marcus. Beatrice was to join them in exile later
and Percival was sent away to school. Francis,
however, remained with his father.

Madelaine married Lord Robert Falcon and came
to Albion leaving the wicked uncle John Falcon
behind in Avalon in 1101AF.

Since Roberts death in 1103AF, Madelaine has
been the head of House Falcon holding it for their
daughters Eleanor and Bethany, much to the chagrine
of John who believes he should be Lord Falcon.

In 1104AF Madelaine took over as Duchess of
York, the duchy previously being held by her husband,
however she remains residing in Warwick the ancestral
home of the house.

Madelaine currently acts as a champion of The
Mother after agreeing to foster the ancester when
she was reborn. She also fosters and teaches many
of Albions children and enjoys music, art and

Burke’s Peerage, 1105